O Corvette - Lancia 141 mk7_3 2019-01-25

    Combat corvette with adequate RP interior.

    1. Xenoprophet_Nail
      Version: 2019-01-25
      I saw that if you add just a Cannon computer and attach the cannon turret you have to it it'll track targets correctly. I dunno why it works but I saw it on JW608's Youtube channel, thought I'd pass the info on. I just downloaded it and I'll check if that fixes it for ya. Also I loved the core room design so I just HAD to add this to my fleet!
      1. Type O
        Author's Response
        Thanks for that, I did some testing & can confirm that CC turrets resolves the awkward tracking almost completely.

        I’ve PM schema, he's too busy working on the universe-update at the moment so its on his do to list. For now I will just leave the blueprint as it is.