Download location changed, thus updating references
    When running both a normal client and a dedicated server from one installation, running the dedicated server will also start musicmade, which can be annoying.
    Thus, when only the dedicated server is started, musicmade will no longer start.
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    1. Added scrollbars to the tracklist
    2. Secret(whoever spots it gets a cookie)
    Hopefully fixed:
    • ListIterator not working properly when random-selection is disabled
    • Being unable to re-open the control frame after closing it
      • workaround is a single item in the popupmenu
    • Fixed SysTrayIcon not working correctly
    • Fixed another possible cause for the blocking-bug
    Added a frame to control it!
    If you close it it won't affect anything; to reopen it, just click the SysTray(Taskbar) icon.

    • After finally being able to reproduce the not playing bug, I hopefully fixed it now ;)
    1. Fixed MusicMade crashing when the VolumeControl couldn't be accessed.
      • A crash of this kind didn't have any effect on SM.
    2. Hopefully fixed the enable CheckBoxMenuItem not working correctly.
    A new menuitem allows the user to disable/enable MusicMade without having to go to the configs and restarting StarMade.

    • Hopefull fixed the Music being scrambled/interrupted, when StarMade uses all processing power the computer has available.
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    Added the ability to adjust the volume, so MusicMade won't blast all music out at 100%. The volume on startup can be specified in the config, but it can also be changed from within the menu of the TrayIcon.
    (For those who don't know what a TrayIcon/SysTrayIcon/SystemTrayIcon is, it is the icon of a program displayed in the taskbar(on windows[7 and earlier] the bar at the bottom right corner of the screen).
    The selector is a ComboBox and not a Slider because there was predefined code for that in java.

    Working on the advanced confiuration dialog.
    Added 2 more MenuItems to the dropdownmenu of the MusicMade-SysTrayIcon.

    A configuration dialog will come soon™.