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    MagicaVoxel to StarMade Converter 0.1

    Converts a MagicaVoxel .vox file to SM .smtpl file

    1. Jojomo
      Game version:
      For much faster modelling/designing than you can mange in SM directly, you can now create your models in MagicaVoxel and use this program to convert the resulting .vox file into a .smtpl file to import into SM.
      A side benefit is that with MV you can model on very low powered machines, too.

      The zip also contains a custom palette for MV, and a custom MV GUI config that shows block types in-program.

      There's a thread in Mods for any discussion: Vox2Smtpl: convert MagicaVoxel .vox to .smtpl

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