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    Greetings, fellow space travellers!

    The peoples shipyard VEB Robotron is proud to announce a new type of station. Kombinat 100 is a platform providing the very essential utilities like power generation, storage and factories. This platform can be expanded with a modular system of corridors and modules corresponding to the varying requirements of its deployment. In the current release, only one section of modules is attached to illustrate the use of the template system and providing habitation for the crew.

    Our engineering department will continue to work hard and provide more templates in the future. The platform itself is intentionally designed with a lot of currently unoccupied inner space to be able to adapt to technological progess (game changes).


    • easy customization via modular design in a 13x13x13 scheme; template set available here
    • factories producing at 1, 10, 100, 1,000 units per cycle, adequate ressource processing capacity
    • reactor chambers configured to boost production
    • internal storage capacity of approx. 800,000 units (can be expanded up to several millions, e. g. most of the orange tanks are currently empty)
    • rotating antenna arrays for enhanced reconnaissance ;)
    • teleporter access to all four docking bays (USD compatible)
    • 16 point defense turrets AMS-PHALANXUS byGmodism (10 configured to aim at missiles, 6 aiming at "any" thread)
    • full shield coverage to withstand random pirate attacks

    Please note, the station platform has been designed for mining operations with a focus on roleplay. A defense fleet is recommended to guard the sector in terms of PVP.

    Shield and power status as displayed in the command room:

    In order not claim other builders designs as my own, I copied the large orange storage tanks from the remastered version of Trade Station Eta and the drones in the cargo area are modified versions of the PROP Adjuitor Class Technician Utility Drone, kudos to them! :)

    Furthermore, I want to address my special thanks to the builders that inspired me a lot while working on this station (in alphabetical order ^^):


    In case the logic is screwed up upon spawn, you can easily reboot the system.

    > close-up on the storage

    > the command room provides fast access to all the frequently used systems (storage, shop, factories, teleporter)

    > the factories can be activated/deactivated by logic and display their status

    > some display animations

    > even without further modules attached, no one needs to starve! :)

    > corridor assembled from templates

    > airlocks are part of the template system
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    Latest reviews

    Glad to see my turrets decorate such a masterbuild!
    You may be surprised, but what impressed me most about this station is the corridor in the living area section, that corridor is one of the best looking and most moody ones I have ever encountered! Great build!
    Awesome station! The raw industrial style make it pretty realistic
    Thanks! I just discovered your template set for setting up power and chambers. Awesome idea and aesthetically pleasing! I am really looking forward to check it out. :)
    DeepspaceMechanic said it better than I could... Awesome stuff! +10
    What a fantastic station!

    I knew that I will want to give a review of this even before I saw that you have included a list of your inspiring builders, which included me. Thanks, that's a nice gesture. I'm happy to know that some of what I created had an inspirational effect on others, and I must say, this station of yours has inspired me as well. I just wish I had the time to start building an industrial structure similar to this, right now :D

    So the first thing I love about "Kombinat 100" is that the moment someone takes a first glimpse at it, it immediately looks like how a space station should: it isn't built upon a flat base, it's pointy in all six directions, it employs a lot of extended frameworking, and it sort of realistically disregards gravity.

    I like the overall layout of its parts. It really looks like a huge steel frame was built first, with everything else attached to it later on, like in the construction of skyscrapers. Having four girder branches sticking out from a tall central pillar, with stuff bolted to either the bottom or top of those girders, feels really space-stationy.

    The second thing that's very appealing even from afar is its raw, utilitarian, industrial style. I'm kind of biased in this regard, because I'm a long-time fan of the industrial style in sci-fi art, but it is an objective fact that you nailed it in this project. The brown-yellow color scheme, those many huge tanks, the myriad of pipelines everywhere, the randomly arranged cargo carriages, and the disregard for the crew's sense of comfort by placing them there in open space... it's all very industrial. Nice turret arsenal and rotating antennas too, by the way.

    And the modular nature of it... What a nice touch! On one hand, it's realistic (since real space stations are modular), on the other hand, I know from experience how fun it is to work with well-fitting, pre-fabricated modular units. The interior is splendid as well. The use of yellow materials, the dim lighting, and the ability to see the piping in the floors and ceiling is very appealing. It's a fine balance between utilitarian and cozy. Good job with the rail functions and displays too.

    So in conclusion, this is a piece of industrial roleplay heaven! One of the reasons I want StarMade to survive, is to see more project of this nature. And I'd like to see either this further expanded, or maybe an even greater successor of it. - Congrats! :)
    I am deeply honored by your review and your positive perception of this station concept, thank you very much! :)