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    Khidr-Class_Exploration-Shuttle *Traveler Colors* 1.0

    A quick perma-jam scanning jumping ship

    1. mosimon2
      Come one, Come All!

      See the Traveler Exploration Shuttle, a marvel for its time, along with a staple for any amateur or dedicated explorer. Though the exploration ship is unarmed, it is capable of holding up as you make your escape.
      L: 29m
      H: 9m
      W: 35m

      (Thank you to jayman38jayman38 for teaching me how to use spoilers)

      starmade-screenshot-0036.png starmade-screenshot-0035.png starmade-screenshot-0034.png starmade-screenshot-0033.png starmade-screenshot-0032.png starmade-screenshot-0031.png