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    IGSC Heavy Cargo Frigate 2016-06-21


    1. obidubi
      This is the IGSC Heavy Cargo Frigate. It is incomplete at the moment but I could not wait to upload something as soon as I registered. Why I chose this over anything else i might have built you might ask? Well, to be honest I don't know. It is one of my most recent builds and I hope you all enjoy it. Even though it's not finished yet, it does have the exterior shell and interior complete with a cargo elevator. Again, I hope you all enjoy it and find a way to adapt it to whatever purposes you would need it for. Its a big empty shell waiting to be filled.


      1. starmade-screenshot-0036.png
      2. starmade-screenshot-0037.png
      3. starmade-screenshot-0038.png
      4. starmade-screenshot-0039.png
      5. starmade-screenshot-0040.png
      6. starmade-screenshot-0042.png

    Recent Reviews

    1. VectorX96
      Version: 2016-06-21
      Love it, very realistic design.
    2. Kaisaurus
      Version: 2016-06-21
      Very nice "realistic" style ! Like it ! ;)