Holo HUD

    Holo HUD 2.2.5

    First release
    Last update
    5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

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    Latest updates

    1. Bugfixes, new Icons in the galaxy map ^.^

      Bugfixes, new Icons in the galaxy map ^.^
    2. 2.2

      Fixed powerbars. Added new topbar elements, new sprites, and placeholders
    3. Spray Tan Edition(R)

      As promised, many moons ago : UPDATE 2.1: Spray Tan edition. New : Orange Colour New : Updated...

    Latest reviews

    I love this HUD! The downside, it seems to have borked my galaxy map. No planet or station icons are showing, but there are some random icons that look out of place. Large placards, and a cluster of four icons in one corner of a system...
    Can you get a screenshot? and ill get on it right away
    I downloaded Holo HUD and my game textures glitched out and the HUD didn't appear. I don't know why, but I'm rating it 5/5 anyway because it looks so cool and a massive change from the boring old HUD you get, very cool HUD. I'm curious, what do you plan to add to the Holo HUD in the future?
    If you post a screenshot on my thread of the bug, I can get a good look at it and see what the issue is
    I was planning on slowing the development on HH and starting to create a new HUD, aswell as adding french and a few other tidbits when a stable release is reached.
    I like the kind of Halo Mjolnir HUD effect. Keep up the nice work.
    This is grand! An awesome change from the boring old GUI and HUD, and gives the whole game a more immersive feel. I do think there should be a few more colors available, but that is currently no issue. 5/5 for this amazing HUD!
    I am working on other colours (ie, ME2 orange), but at the moment I am trying to convert everything from Expression Design to Coral Draw, and work on a french translation, so colours are on hold for a little bit