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    High Mobile Battleship - Nedesico [1:1 Scale Recreation] 2018-12-24

    Full build out RP & Combat Flag Ship

    1. Laltonel
      Game version:

      Some years ago I made a post about a WIP project I had in recreating the Nedesico from the anime of the same name. Many years later, I have finished it, in the current systems of Starmade. The following are some screen grabs of the finished model. The ship has a fully detailed inside, with various crew spaces, quarters, mess decks, brig, and medical facilities. Suitable for combat and role-play, the Nedesico has several docking areas and comes equipped with 2 shuttles, one an stealth recon vessel, the other an FTL jumping planetary lander and equipment shuttle.
      NedDorsel.png NedSide.png NedBow.png NedHull.png NedSturn.png

      The following is a detailed ship and system information for the Nedesico:

      Mass: 59,430
      Length: 313
      Width: 151
      Height: 121

      Thrust: 112,219
      T/W: 1.8
      Top Speed: 279

      Total Power: 1,400,000 e/sec @ 10,000+ integrity
      Stealth Chamber - Anti-Lock
      FTL Chamber - lv 1 Jump Drive
      Shield Chamber - outage redux lv1
      Mobility Chambers - Turn Speed lv3, Top Speed lv3

      Max Capacity: 4,544,375
      Recharge Rate: 388,225

      Primary Beam Weapon:
      Beam/Beam (3250/3250)
      Vertical Fire Missiles (top and bottom fire)
      Missile/beam/Explosive (320/320/320)
      Forward Fire Missiles
      Missile/beam/explosive (1500/1500)

      10 Point Defense Turrets
      4 General Defense Turrets
      4 Forward arc Attack Turrets

      The Nedeisco also come equipped with a retractable USD located in both the forward arms that are remote activated, as illustrated in the following
      gif: starmade-gif-0003.gif

      Also as an ablative measure, the Nedesico has a remote operated force field that is remotely activated (usually with some small lag).

      Below are two images of the Medical scanner, it has 4 differant outputs:


      1. NedSide.png
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    Recent Reviews

    1. MChain
      Version: 2018-12-24
      The medical scanner alone deserves that! xD

      Ok, jokes aside. The ship has a good hull shape (could use more fine detailing though, like slab gaps, piping, antennae, structural ribs... Anything your imagination can come up with), interiors are rather nice, plus logic features are in place. A lovely ship you have! Keep up the good work