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    Hecht Fregatte 1.0

    Standard Frigate

    1. NuclearHolocaust
      This is one frigate-type of the fleet(Nordwind-Fleet) i am building at the moment.
      It is armed with two AMC-arrays one for long range and one for middle-range. also it has some SD-BBs and D1000s. some turrets provide near-field defense and support for the attack. It also has a full interior.

      Mass: 15432.1
      Length: 154m; Height: 49m; Width: 51m
      Power: 1 000 000e +
      Recharge: 1 200 000e/s +
      Thrust: 25000+
      Shields: 1 300 000s +

      Have a look:

      If you tested this ship, let me know your opinion and results.