Habitation Pod (empty variant)

    Habitation Pod (empty variant) 2016-09-28

    The standardized Habitation Pod is designed to be a modular component (through either copy/paste or docking, depending on lag etc) for larger ships and stations, simulating outdoors with its glass bubble to allow for cities, parks and other open areas in space, making it ideal for colony fleets and other long term journeys. Whilst it ideally is meant to be attached onto other entities the Habitation Pod can be used as a functional ship in its own right, providing its own thrust and emergency shielding. It also comes equipped with a fast charging jump drive for quick escapes.

    The pod also comes with its own built in crew quarters and work stations, to supplement any buildings etc that may be constructed in the habitat area. Also featured are plenty of transporters for moving large groups of people around, and modest cargo storage. This ship is intended as a role play vessel, though for what its worth stats are listed in the Imgur album.

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