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    FutureSynth Industies Loading Screen 2018-06-30

    New Main Menu Picture

    1. Sol'Varyk
      Game version:
      FutureSynth Industries is a Faction Based on the Nostalgia of the 80's Revival Genre: Synthwave/FutureSynth.

      The Faction is Based on FreaksRUs and is Now At this Time Recruiting. If you Attend Freaks and Would like to Join up, You are welcomed.

      Until Such Time Arises, Enjoy!
      *Psst* If you Wish To Join, Shoot me A Message on the Dock.

      Download the Picture, then Follow then paste it in Image Resource.

      |StarMade > StarMade > Data > Image-Resource|

      Also, Lemme Know How you Guys like it and if you do, I'll post FutureSynth Industries Ship Varients and more.

      Until Next Time,

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