Falcata-NX 1501.004

    A heavy strategic fighter once developed by the finest, now favored by the malicious.

    1. Xoza
      Falcata NX-1501

      A heavy strategic fighter developed by some of the star's finest engineers. The design blueprints are now common among pirates due to it's sleek and intimidating design.

      This fighter was entered into a server design contest and won in various fields, then became it's bane as the pirates happily deployed them against it's residents.

      Design based off of the default textures of Dec 2014


      • Cannons, Lasers & Missile systems.
      • Cloak (not perm), Jammer, Scanner & Jumpdrive systems.
      • Minor Overdrive, Push, & Stop effects available
      • Twin Turrets (Cn/Cn & Ls/Cn)
      • Price: 3676197
      • Scale: 13h / 29w / 58l
      • Mass: 375.9
      • Thrust: 358.5
      • Power: 80887.4 @ 70712 e/sec
      • Shields: 19332 @ 929 s/sec
      Be aware, stats have reduced from the original build due to the new game balances.

      • Client/Private: At the second launcher (StarMade Connection Setup), go to the tools menu and import using the Ship Catalog Manager.
      • Server: Same thing, once installed though, copy the Falcata folder from your StarMade blueprints folder to your server blueprints folder and configure accordingly in StarMote or via ingame admin tools.

      Originally designed by Xoza, internals by TheEthanEffect and turrets by DylanMathys.
      First made available at StarmadeMultiverse.com.

      The Ordo Imperialis Online Gaming Community
      Ordo StarMade Server

      1. 1501.004 - Complete redesign by Xoza. Updated weapons, added additional systems, expanded hull a little, moved doors to be easier seen/accessible.
      2. 0414.000 - Initial Upload

    Recent Reviews

    1. solar-eclipse
      Version: 1501.004
      i like this ship, but the ship's cannon shoots to the back
    2. DylanMathys
      Version: 1501.004
      A good design, visually pleasing despite its size
    3. Resa_R_S
      Version: 1501.004
      Too much Advanced Hull witch makes this ship Look like something made out of LEGO But that is Only negative side Well done
      1. Xoza
        Author's Response
        I agree, this depends on the texture pack you use. The pictures here are a bit older and it looks a LOT better now with the new default textures.
    4. AAlexandrosTGreat
      Version: 1501.004
      ~Well constructed review follows~
      (+1) Unique color scheme that allows for the use of minimal detail while maintaining the "feel" of the ship.

      (+1) Exterior is well made with smoothing where it is needed. Exterior also has VISIBLE weapons witch is something i LOVE on any ship.

      (+1) Systems WERE well made with no major flaws that would've hindered the performance of the ship.

      (+1) Ship was done by multiple people and it's always nice too see different styles of building all moshed together in a pancake of awesome!

      (+1) A well designed ship for it's time with damn good looks to boot.

      *I can't wait to see this ship brought into the newer updates if that is planned.
      1. Xoza
        Author's Response
        Thanks for the review Alex. This is the most recent update to SM release, however I don't have a lot of personal experience with the new internal system designs. I will be working on additional variations and designs to clean them up and refine them a bit to make it again, something to fear!