1. We've removed some functionality from SMD in preparation for a migration to new forum software.

    DPDDs StarMade Wrapper 1.0.1

    A StarMade Wrapper basically like the others, but different ;D

    1. Rewritten Proprty System and Extending TimeBasedActions

      Update 1.0.1:
      Rewritten the Property System, no changes from outside, also "Kajability Tools.dll" no longer Required
      Extended the TimeBasedAction.Class you can now add and remove Jobs dynamically at runtime
    2. Up To 1.0

      Added TimeBasedActions, a possibility for you to execute specific methods every x minutes
      Fixed DailyAutoUpdater
      Fixed a bug that the auto restarter dont worked right
    3. Linux Fix

      As there was a bug with the mono framework here an updated running version, if you should have still problems pull the code from GitHub, and Compile on your own.

      Added more automated Logs
    4. Added Vote System

      Added Vote System to the Wrapper, Actually its grant no rewards.
      You Can Access is by register the
      Event, it Contains the Player who voted.
    5. Plugin System Extension

      Plugin System Extended with BeforeServerStart and AfterServerStart Method

      Few little fixes
    6. Event System and Logging

      Added new Custom EventSystem, not fully tested
      Added Logging System access with
      SMWrapperLib.Logger.LogEntry(logMessage, LogType, LogLevel, Plugin);
      little Bugfixing
    7. Bug Fixing

      A bit of Bugfixing in this Version, Wrapper Commands should now work right and started with Custom Event Support