CR90_corvette 2014-07-08

    The rebel corvette seen in the opening scene of the Starwars episode "New hope"

    1. BoezZ
      starmade-screenshot-0011.png starmade-screenshot-0012.png starmade-screenshot-0013.png starmade-screenshot-0016.png starmade-screenshot-0015.png
      Length: 120m
      Width: 39m
      Height: 24m

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    1. Details and stats improvements.

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    1. EthanTrain124
      Version: 2014-07-08
      i wont give you the five star because you couldn't remember that the name of the corvette seen in the opening scene of "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" is called "The Tantive IV"
    2. Cornedo
      Version: 2014-07-08
      Design of the outer hull is great. Interiors not as impressive. Acceleration not that great, but I'll blame that on the recent 'balancing'. Weapons incredible underpowered and overdrive only usable in short bursts without completely draining all of the ship's power.

      Thanks for posting all the images of the ship though.
    3. Dalmont
      Version: 2014-07-08
      The definitive Corellian Corvette! This is one of the best models I've seen to date. Really enjoying flying this baby around. :D

    4. dark_J
      Version: 2014-07-08
      Incredible roll playing ship I love it! And keep up the great work :D!
      1. BoezZ
        Author's Response
        Thank you, and i'll try. :)