Contracts 1.2.10

    • Updated for latest StarLoader
    • Temporarily removed Cargo contracts until they can be fixed and reworked for latest StarLoader
    • Contract data will now automatically save on a configurable interval
    • Reworked how contract targets are managed and set
    • Removed unused debug commands
    • Completely redid data saving / loading

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed bug preventing contract data from being loaded correctly from file
    • Fixed bug that caused the actions pane for the selected entry in the contract list to be empty or missing entirely
    • Fixed issue with the inventory screen sometimes disappearing after opening the contracts menu
    • Fixed issue involving opening the contracts menu with certain other menus already open causing the camera and player to be moveable while the GUI is active
    worked on player stat tracking
    more work on diplomacy menu, minor gui fixes
    WIP work on diplomacy menu
    Fixed issue with faction being null
    networking fixed for sure this time
    Hopefully fixed networking issues
    Fixed player name null error
    Added game state checks for networking