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    Colonial Armistice Station 1.0

    A Lonely, Dismal Place.

    1. Rixxan
      The Cylons were Created by Man...


      A remote space station was built where Cylon and Human could meet and maintain diplomatic relations. Every year, the Colonials send an officer.


      The Cylons send no one.

      Here is my recreation of the Armistice Station from Battlestar Galactica.

      The Armistice Station is a remote space station, built with the intent of allowing both Cylons and the Twelve Colonies to maintain diplomatic relations after the Cylon War. The station is manned on an annual basis by a Colonial armistice officer

      It's a small, useless station. Don't bother if you're looking for a defensive outpost.

      It has four one block cannon turrets, which are good for little. The station is meant as neutral ground for two opposing factions. There is one full USD type one airlock, and one docking hatch for the opposing faction, USD compatible but not styled for one. The opposing faction can also utilize the refitted Matter-Transport array, installed by Colonial forces upon the discovery of such technology.

      Station Stats:

      Power: 209,131 Tyllium-Based reactor power and Solar systems, providing 16.5k energy per second.

      Mass: 334.4 Blocks

      Shields: 1,165 Shield Energy, in the form of basic anti-meteorite shielding.

      59 Meters Long
      88 Meters High
      54 Meters Wide


      The station comes equipped standard with:

      One (1) Advanced Factory
      One (1) Capsule Refinery
      One (1) Micro Assembler
      Full Gravity Systems
      Four (4) Micro Point-Defense Turrets, added upon the outbreak of Piracy activities in known space
      Full Communications and DRADIS systems

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    Recent Reviews

    1. Randomo
      Version: 1.0
      Love, she doesn't look like something that's been rusting away for 40 years though, to change this I suggest you mix up the exterior Grey advanced hull with standard, it provides a kind of nice rusty bsg look :)

      P.S Merry Christmas
      1. Rixxan
        Author's Response
        I'll have to look into that for gen2! Great idea!