Cargo Packs Version 3.0

    Complete Re-brand; Containers for all occasions

    1. Ribbons0121R121
      Version: Version 3.0
      but what about nukes
    2. MartinDominic
      Version: 2.0
      Best Cargo Containers!
    3. Alphajim
      Version: 2.0
      Really useful and beautiful :3
    4. Warrior2387
      Version: 1.2
      How do I even get these in-game? If it's something simple like I need to use say 7-Zip to open it or something like that, just know that I don't have 7-Zip yet. I would love to use these in-game but cant figure out how to get them.
      1. Crimson-Artist
        Author's Response
        just use a unzipping program like winzip then import them into your game like normal. Although i would hold off from doing that atm. the latest version is technically obsolete since blueprints now require you to already have the blocks you want instead of it costing only credits, thus defeating the purpose of the ready packs. sry
    5. thegamemaster1234
      Version: 1.1
      I really like the idea, although a server that wanted to use all of the packs at once would have a loooooot in the catalog. So, it's preferable in servers that don't allow ship uploading at all, but that doesn't mean they're not totally cool looking and are great for starting on a new ship when you don't have the supplies. The Propeller Cruise Control and Boom Lance systems sound interesting as well.
    6. Vikarious
      Version: 1.0
      I've always been using this concept in mp servers but you made them pretty looking and well organized, good job :)