Blue Midget (Red Dwarf Series II through III edition)

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    I plan on rebuilding Blue Midget with the new power system, this is to hold people over until I release it. Plus, I'd figured it would be an interesting look at what the ship was like before the new power system.

    This is Blue Midget, one of two types of shuttles featured on board the Red Dwarf in the series of the same name. This version is a build of the ship in it's original configuration before it was reintroduced in Series VIII. It was originally the shuttle of choice for the Red Dwarf crew in Series II, but with the introduction of Kryten in Series III (well, re-introduction, he had a one off appearance in Series II but proved popular enough to become a main character), they swapped out Blue Midget for a newer shuttle, Starbug. The ship was featured a little bit in Series III, but was phased out completely for Series IV, and never appeared again until Series VIII.

    The interior isn't exactly canon to the original ship, as we see very little of the interior except for a cockpit, but unlike Starbug, it's appearance changes from Series II and III, so I tried to go for something similar to Starbug to some extent.

    I also plan on making a version of Blue Midget from Series VIII onwards, but it'll be missing some stuff from the Blue Midget from the later series of Red Dwarf, such as the chicken legs that extend out from the bottom, allowing the ship to walk on some surfaces, as well as the arms on the bottom of the ship that extend out also. I might put a salvaging beam and/or some mining weapon on the front, but not sure as of yet beyond that.
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