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    Black Templar Escort Cruiser 2019-03-10

    Warhammer 40k

    1. Ramorill
      Game version:
      Ship I built for my Faction on Distant Galaxy server based in the WH 40k style it would need to be gutted to work anywhere else but I hope you guys like it, This is my first upload of many.
      If you use this or modify it make sure to give credit and you must keep the iron cross emblems on the ship.
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    Recent Reviews

    1. Gmodism
      Version: 2019-03-10
      It really has some great proportions (I don't think it's to stubby, it's perfect), if you made the details on it overhauled, more special stuff and tech things, new turrets and different turret. General details basically, and make the systems work (it's a sitting duck now) This ship has the potential to be a 5 star ship.
    2. MChain
      Version: 2019-03-10
      looks not bad, and even somewhat WH40K-esque.

      But of course there's always place to improve.

      1) hull shape. I see you tried to make a warship, but she's more of a mix between a freighter and a system defence monitor, not a combat voidship. They tend to have far greater length to width ratio. She's too stubby. One or two copied midsections should give her enough length.

      2) The superstructure. Honestly, it reminds me of anything but a gothic building. It seems to be closest to Khmer architecture, but lacking the lavish decor Khmers used to apply. Or maybe you were inspired by Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, but it is not a classic Gothic build, it is a mix of styles. Anyways, to fit into the universe well, the superstructure needs lots of polishing, detailing, plus reshaping of domes into spires. Plus lateral sections - they never have spires, they are just huge chunks of adamantium filled with systems.

      3) The front. This part of the ship seems the worst, the least worked on. It literally kills the whole otherwise rather okay ship. Yes, it has some small attempts at decorating, but that's not enough. It is still a huge chunk of armor with straight, crude lines. No intricate decorating, no nice curved ram as common on Imperium ships. It is still just a huge chunk of armor. Maybe you could make it approximately two times shorter and somewhat less chunky.

      4) The interior. I wouldn't touch this if it wasn't so sad. But that hall (I suppose it should be a bridge, but it isn't) just looks so poor, so unfinished... I won't take it into account while rating the ship. Let's just consider it WIP.

      Otherwise she's a good try, and after abovementioned improvements she'll take her deserved place in local Imperial Navy. But as of current... She's good, but you should improve her to get 5 stars ;-) Study some architecture, check photos and blueprints of real-life buildings, explore the world of Battlefleet Gothic. You are already good, and if you do some research you can become a true master.