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    AIN Pyrrhic, Corvette 1.0

    Anti Missiles and light gun support

    1. AntonSokolav
      Game version:
      DISCLAIMER: Early staging of AIN. Common theme; almost all turrets are from Gmodism due to the fact they make very diverse and good-looking turrets. This includes alot of the hull mounted weapons. Later creations will have my own stuff. These ships are my first attempts at "larger" creations with the new power system so things might look wonky here and there.
      The fighting has intensified. Many ships of the old class have died away, including the last Leviathan. Salvaging has recovered some technology and resources but for the most part, ships of such size and density are no longer possible in the new Empire thus ARD (Altonovan Research and Development) have made new designs for future ships to follow. Stronger reactors and stronger shielding to allow for less resources to be spent per ship.

      With the need for large ships fading, ASY (Altonova Shipyards) has produced the newest member of the Navy; the Pyrrhic class Corvette.
      starmade-screenshot-0001.png Armed to the teeth with 8 double-barreled cannon turrets, 3 anti missile arrays, 1 large underbelly rotary cannon and 1 large, nose mounted rail gun (dumb fired missile). This ship is meant to support any remaining large vessels of the old fleet and those incoming in the new fleet. While it can take a hit, it is advisable to use its superior maneuverability to avoid being hit at all or use it in convoys and flotillas of similar ships to overwhelm the enemy.

    Recent Reviews

    1. WarSong
      Version: 1.0
      Just needs some beefier engines. It might not be pretty and lack docking but I don't see a need for 'better looks' or docks.

      Blind video review: youtu.be/toRan42iBKo
    2. MChain
      Version: 1.0
      Fun fact. This ship is actually better-looking than Barboros. And if I said the Barboros needs complete rebuilding - this one can be just modified to a rather good looks. I'd cut that MG at the bottom too, add missing 2 turrets and turn her into a dedicated PD boat.

      Bridge rework is required too (make it sleeker, closer to the hull, blending with hull lines), plus some detailing on her hull - and you get a good dedicated escort. This ship anyways is useless for anything else than that.
      1. AntonSokolav
        Author's Response
        Appreciate the feedback. I will counter that a few of the flaws are on purpose. I wasn't hoping to make the perfect fit of a ship on the first go around, as you can see in the Barboros RP section. The Pyrrhic is just a prototype of ARD capabilities, the Barboros building off of it. Up next will be a redesign of the Barboros/Pyrrhic shell and systems, making it better at its job. RP-wise, the Altonovan navy would not be able to make good ships right out the gate after whats happening. Thanks for the feedback though. Will implement