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    Dec 9, 2017
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    Genuine, real players of Starmade who are interested in the growth of the community therein are hard to find. Well, United Earth's souls objective is the growth of that said community and work together to have fun. This is a game, all we really want to do is organize the long time players, the newbs and the semi-actives together, no matter if you are a teen with plenty of time on your hands or a hard-working father, if your interested in Starmade, you have found the right faction.

    Our leadership focuses on all aspects of Starmade, be that the construction of top-of-the-line capital ships, the development of new technology to serve us on the field. Negotiation of trade deals, alliances or non-aggression pacts, as well as the organization of our military which is more than just pvp, it's training events, racing, cross server organization from the West Coast of America to Germany. We want you in our midst.

    Here, we perfectly blend the realm of RP and PVP with our simi-serious government and our PVP players. We focus on realistic fully effective ships which associate with no lore of any kind but our own. Our vessels defeat those we deam harmful to the community, or those who just want war. With many battles and wars under our belt we are seen as powerful to those we deam harmful.

    Our military is lead by those who have seen battles, won them, and have the skill to lead many, many people to victory.

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