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      United Earth was established from a merging of a federation, naturally making us a large Government.

      The two members of the federation, UEG and US, merged because we want to see StarMade, as a game, prosper, we want to see the people playing it have fun while they do, and actually be able to do what they want to do in the game. Our departments you can move up in depending on which one you want to pursue, and where your expertise takes you.

      With experienced builders we have top-of the line ships, which are also streamlined to be both fully capable in their design but also extremely efficient in their resource demand and upkeep.

      Military planning like no other, move up through the ranks, command your own squad (which can be your close friends) and complete missions and objectives set forth by captains and admirals. See fully capable fleets starbound and determined.

      We have a fully capable logistics sector which takes care of our resource demand, ships goods, and material to complete our trade orders Salvagers take care of the remains of our battles while miners expertly fill orders of certain ores.

      With fully deticated leadership in all aspects of starmade, you can find your place within United Earth, be it military, mining, logistics or negotiation, we want you in our midst.


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