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    Potions/SpaceSuits! (previously called "Magic!")

    Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Arcaner, Nov 14, 2017 at 11:10 AM.

    1. Arcaner

      Arcaner Prince of Wolves

      Oct 8, 2014
      This is one thing I havent found any previous threads on (I did a lot of research on a lot of stuff cos of my other thread)

      Edit: I'm sorry, I previously wasnt able to explain my idea clearly. I've changed the Title to the more appropriate term "Potions"

      This is just a thread on possible (future) "Potions" additions in SM. (kinda like Minecraft but not specific)

      Edit: I guess I didn't explain very much, did I?

      The need for Potions:
      Currently, the most ignored playstyle role is of the Astronaut. Potions is a way to provide the Astronaut (and in some cases even controlled ships) abilities otherwise restricting usage of the lone A

      I'll give you a few examples of what I'm talking about:

      • Health Potion: On usage (one time) gives the entity 100hp more than full health. This would increase Astronaut on Astronaut or Astronaut on small ship battle times.
      • Damage Potion: Increases damage dealt (both by Astronaut guns AS WELL AS any (currently) controlled Ships (excluding turrets) for a specified time period.
      • Invisibility Potion: Renders the astronaut invisible to Radar. Will REALLY help astronaut use the cutting torch (thanks RedAlert_007RedAlert_007 ) and avoid getting blown up by turrets/ ships.
      • Sight Potion: Allows Astronaut to see jammed ships for a specified time period.

      In case this feels out of touch of Starmade's current Universe, another way this could be implemented is by removing potions and substituting them by SpaceSuits which you can wear on top of your current "Dave" suit. You craft the SpaceSuits using rare (useless and currently existing) Circuit blocks.
      For example,
      • The Health Potion could be altered to a Redish Suit worn by the asttonaut.
      • The Damage Potion could be a shining yellow line on the SpaveSuit.
      • The invisibility potions job could be done by a Yellow Suit you wear.

      I guess this is a FAIL then, eh?
      #1 Arcaner, Nov 14, 2017 at 11:10 AM
      Last edited: Nov 16, 2017 at 7:25 PM
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    2. Zerefette

      Zerefette <|°_°|>

      Jan 12, 2015
      You might've had more chances saying psychic powers.
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    3. RedAlert_007

      RedAlert_007 Formerly known as AltAlert, man of many alts!
      Community Mentor

      Oct 10, 2013
      You are not exactly proposing a suggestion, which is kinda what this subforum is for.

      I would consider talking to a moderator about having this thraed moved to general.

      As for magic in StarMade.

      No, Magic makes absolutely no sense and is completely out of setting with StarMade.
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    4. The_Owl

      The_Owl Ear rape is a valid form of music

      Jan 3, 2016
      The only way I can see this being more out of touch with the setting of star made is it also including catapults, oars and a 4.5" naval gun
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    5. nogg

      Jul 18, 2016
      my opinion on this is that the damage and HP boosts are not a viable option, as it would make the mentioned fights won by whoever has the most "potions". however the invisibility and radar detecting idea could be useful. I'd limit it to only vision based boosts and rename them "suit upgrades" or "suit visors".
    6. kiddan

      kiddan Supporter of Critical Thought

      May 12, 2014
      Mate, this is a sci-fi game. There's probably enough medicines, steroids, and nano robotics to redo any "potion" ideas as scientific advancements.
      There is an Astronaut update planned for the future, so look forward to that. =)
    7. Lone_Puppy

      Mar 12, 2015
      I would avoid using the word potion.

      The examples you provided would be best implemented as functions or portable equipment.
      • Med-kit - Restore health to yourself and integrates with healing beam. Could also make it a one time use where it disappears upon use.
      • Weapon Booster - Increase whatever weapon x%
      • Cloaking Pack - Invisibility x% time allowed
      • Portable Scanner - See cloaked/jammed ships for x time period.
      • Jet Pack - Wee, fly around in gravity environments or quicker flight in space as you would with entering a single core
      I would make it so you can only carry one pack at a time.
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    8. JinM

      Jun 11, 2016
      Ey mate call that stuff nanite injections for the health and damage, call it space suit technology addons that also have a negative impact (invisibility slows you down as it uses up the power reserved for thrusters, same goes for sight). Don't use aritificial negative impacts like adding a power level to the suit, that can get drained and need additional power cells, or some additional mechanic like oxygen or heater.

      The overall idea is nice. The likes got suggested before, like a better astronaut mode that allows the astronaut to move faster than 5 m/s, as even a core has a base speed of 30m/s.