1. docpenguindoc

      Clone Wars Y-Wing Pack 4 Ships

      This pack includes 4 different Y-Wing bombers as seen in the Clone Wars cartoon series. *Classic Rebel Y-Wing can also be found here Standard Y-Wing Anakin/Gold Leader Y-Wing Captain Rex's Y-Wing Landing at Point Rain Y-Wing 360 Degree Turrets
    2. docpenguindoc

      DI Y-Wing 2.0

      Long overdue to the Rebel starfighter lineup, the Y-Wing. A signature bombing craft used by the Rebel alliance which includes a dorsal turret, ventral bomb bay, and torpedos. Turret has 360° rotation
    3. Spartan-228

      BTL Y-Wing Mk1 2016-08-03

      This is the BTL Y-Wing from Star War. I am sure this lovely craft needs no interdiction. So I will simply tall you a little about this model. The hull is all advanced armor, it has 5,000 shield units, has two mane guns, and a point defense turret. Remember guys, if you want quality, go Legion...
    4. Nilden

      Y-Wing Bomber 2016-07-26

      Y-Wing Bomber Length: 77 Width : 45 Height: 14 Shield 62,888 (recharge 5,692) The Y-Wing Bomber can only shoot one homing missile at a time and has some power failures but we put two missiles on it and a AMS turret on the top. With logic for the cockpit dome and landing gear, this is a hard...
    5. Lukwan

      Y-Wing Combat-Ready V-7

      The skin remains mostly unchanged. (Y-Wing empty-shell is already available) This version is complete and combat ready. This is a very large one-man fighter/bomber featuring: -Functional PD-3D point-defense Droid and nibbler-turret. -Powerful Canons (w-Beam), Proton torpedoes and Heat-seekers...
    6. Lukwan

      Turret for Y-Wing V-1

      Turret for Y-Wing ( 10-1 scale) Base has some power & shields. Filled and ready to mount.
    7. WhiteFaulken

      Rebel BTL Y-Wing Star Fighter 1.1b

      Introducing another role play ship fresh off the line, the Rebel BTL Y-Wing Star Fighter. Due to the ridiculous maintenance and the need to lighten loads on the Y-Wing, most pilots and engineers stripped the Y-wing of its outer armor plating exposing the systems of the ship. This oddly enough...