1. klawxx

      Question about "double posting" (reply concatenation)

      DukeofRealms @moderators, Not sure if you stopped by yet, but me and some boys are trying to make a tutorial thread: StarMade University. We would like to break its lengthy topics in various postings/replies for easier access, but the SMD application keep concatenating the whole thing. Is any...
    2. Reilly Reese

      Borked Skubmaed Dock

      Why am I getting notifications out of order?
    3. S

      SMBEdit - Blueprint Editor

      StarMade Blueprint Editor ==== This editor allows changes to StarMade blueprints that are either difficult or too tedious to do with he official client. SMBEdit called from command prompt is compatible with both python2.7 and python3, and should work on all platforms. The graphical user...