1. docpenguindoc

      DI The Mandalorian's Naboo Starfighter 1.0

      Following the Destruction of the Razor Crest, The Mandalorian had to acquire a new vessel to travel the galaxy, and with the help of a Tatooine friend, was able to make modifications to an old Naboo Starfighter. Comes equipped with laser cannons, proton torpedos, shielding, and a hyperdrive...
    2. docpenguindoc

      Razor Crest 1.1

      To celebrate May the Fourth, Doc Industries presents the Razor Crest, as seen in The Mandalorian This ship comes with: 2700 dps cannons Strength 2 perma-stealth Jammer Jump Autocharge Level 4 reactor 3.4 TMR 40,000 shield cap 665 shield recharge 20,000 Cargo Volume Rail features: Landing...
    3. S

      Gladiator-class starfighter 1.0

      A fairly-old model that was originally made by me when I first started playing this game, thought I'd share.
    4. Calin

      Mandalorian Armor 2017-05-25

      A set of Mandalorian armor that I made. Current color is blue, but it's easy to change. I used the Darth Revan by KillaKrazy as a starting point, but the only thing I didn't completely change is the head. It's not the greatest skinning job out there, so if anyone wants to improve it, feel free...
    5. El_Poulpy

      1:1 scale Slave II 0.199.132

      this ship is a 1:1 scale replica of the slave II from star wars size : L 32 m x H 15 m x W 25 m mass : 424 thrust ratio : 1.1 jumpdrive : x1 (45/213 ) armor hitpoint : 132 800 structure hitpoint : 86 920 shield capacity : 10 018 shield regen : 335 power capacity : 57 168.4 power regen : 45...
    6. lordzorax

      Jehavey'ir-type assault ship 1.03

      The Jehavey'ir is the mandalorian ambush ship and was used by mandalorian neo-crusaders during the mandalorian wars. The ship comes fully equipped with 4 alternate effect powerful missile launchers, two fully functional side turrets with 1 axis of rotation (simply activate the plex doors from...
    7. WhiteFaulken

      Mandalorian Davaab Type Star Fighter 1.0

      For all of you Mandalorian lovers out there, I introduce to you my take on the Davaab Type Star Fighter. Designed for capital escort, this fighter seats a pilot and gunner in a gyro seating cockpit that rotates for when you need to land. Equipped with shields, jump drive, twin mounted laser...
    8. Stike7g5

      Crusader-Class Corvette 10-12-2015-1

      Additional information: Rail doors 23 - Defence Turrets (20x 100DPS AMC, 2X350DPS AMC, 1x 250DPS AMC) About 15 Second Jump Drive Charge Universal Serial Dock type 1 Full RP Interior 5 unique Paint Schemes Rail based Elevator system. Takes you between floors Animated Engine Room and powered...
    9. Sarge4ID

      Custom Aggressor Assault Fighter 1.4

      So this is my first release to the public. I've made quite a few ships already that I will be uploading soon. I focus primarily on rail/logic and weapons in pretty much every build I do, so shields might be lacking. This is a highly customized and modified Trillion, Inc. Aggressor Assault...
    10. Stike7g5

      Kom'rk-class (Gauntlet) fighter/transport 2.0.0

      Kom'rk Class Fighter/Transport More About the Ship Special Notice It is important that you navigate to the Ships Thruster menu and toggle the Inherit Thrusters from Docks option or else you will have no thrust. The thrusters for the ship are located in the S-Foils/Wings. Main Variant...