1. D

      DKI-Flagship Base 01 1,0

      A small station with all the necessary factories in the form of a fleet of spaceships
    2. D

      DKI-Larimar-class Star Destroyer 1.0

      The flagship of my fleet. A huge city in which you can easily get lost.
    3. D

      DKI-Sector fleet frigate 0101 1.0

      An attack frigate. Heavily armed but slow. Designed for heavy combat in one sector.
    4. D

      DKI-Fleet frigate 0201 R 1.0

      Frigate with a powerful scanner
    5. D

      DKI-Fleet frigate 0101 1.0

      A multi-purpose ship. It is used as the flagship of the light fleet.
    6. D

      DKI-Fleet corvette 0101 1.0

      The main ship for patrolling the sector. Fast and well armed.
    7. D

      DKI-Fg02-01-L 1.0

      Lightweight corvette with different weapons and anti-missile turrets
    8. D

      DKI-DW corvette 0101 AM 1.0

      Light corvette with AM cannons and anti-missile turrets
    9. D

      Immobilizer 418 cruiser 2.0