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      Nice that it worked for you, for me it doesn´t. The comment was just in search for an answer to...

      Nice that it worked for you, for me it doesn´t. The comment was just in search for an answer to the problem, not to dismiss your solution in general.
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      How much of each do you produce from mining mostly?

      So jou want to have/create a basic ship/harware package(which is in an affordable scale) for beginners and more lazy or less creative players? My miners are absolutely overpowered so i cant give you useful data for mining. Stripping asteroids in seconds is not normal for beginners i assume(even...
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      Weapon Update 2.0 Projectile Combination Suggestion

      Cannon+ Missile partially took over the role of Cannon+Damage Pulse. Cannon+Beam took the other part. I think using Cannon+Beam as a sniper makes sense(like in Weapons 1.0), the high damage and high reload time it now has is ok for that role, the narrow to wide cone is fitting well. Also longer...
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      Bug So the game runs flawless until someone pulls a trigger

      Thats known to me, but they are not on manual control. It just affects cannons so recoil might be the problem. Setting recoil to zero via config does not help thoug.
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      Bug So the game runs flawless until someone pulls a trigger

      No idea for a fix but i run into the same issue.
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      Bug Massive Stutter During Combat?

      I have kind of the same problem. It does not seem to be graphics related thoug, even when everything is turned low it does not change a thing, same with turning off framebuffer. Also i can have enormous structures being loaded without problems, while fighting with even small ships directly...
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      Missile capacity in TURRETS?

      Would be nice if it was like this. Unfortunately right now every missile counts as one own missile and despite firing them all even if not possible, it messes with other missile systems. This should be changed.
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      StarMade - PvP & PvE balance, Perspective & Direction

      This would require to build very specialized turrets to fit in the stabilizers since the dstance to the reactor has to be quite big if it is a strong one. also as long as power is just passed up the chain, not down, it can just power the turret(with a big weapon only to a limited extend), which...
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      StarMade - PvP & PvE balance, Perspective & Direction

      Docked reactors are no exploit anyway, since power scales linear, so it does not matter. Also a further hindrance to exploitation is the stabilizer mechanics and the required distance. So why not. Also bigger turret bases would have a use again. you could just like in the old days have...
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      Dev-Thread: New Shielding System in devlopment

      Agreed. I like the idea of more local shields but disabling shields on turrets and just using the bubble of the mothership ruins it. From the prerelease-information i understood that it is about performance and preventing layered shields. How it enhances the performance i do not quite see but...
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      Prerelease v0.200.250

      Thats what i wanted to point out, its basically nothing you can put in there. I mean putting thrusters in a turret works in game, but realistically this is probably unlikely and does not really feel right when the turret base is actually a part of the turret and not a thrustersystem. Mass...
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      Prerelease v0.200.250

      What exactly am i supposed to fit in my turret base now? shields do not work, power also not, whats left? nothing useful. so having somewhat larger turret bases is now close to useless. just build a big gun on a tiny base, limits design quite massively if you want to keep some touch with...
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      Read by Council Explosions (with the new plume effect)

      I like the simplicity of this idea. Every destroyed block shoud emit that glow, which then forms unique impacts. For that reason the colour of the impact should also be set by the colour of the shot. The size of the glow could possibly be connected to the damage done to the individual block...
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      Power System Overhaul Proposal

      To fix this you could also nerf the power consumption of weapons with longer reload. I like the idea of weapons consumig power while reloading, but you could still have capacitors for some extra power you need in some situations and to stabilize your power system in general.
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      Power System Overhaul Proposal

      Its about proportions and use. If you have to build and maintain a ship its better to keep costs small, therefore having less wasted material There is a caertain tolerance to wasted space i would say, which in your example is ok. Crew space or a training hall is not unused.A luxury garden is...