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      Screenshots for official use

      Unfortunately I tend to make recreation ships, which might be a bit iffy to use for promotional material. However, my interior work might be good for this: Here's some interior shots from a shuttlebay (loosely-based off the NX-01's shuttlebay) I made. The rail system is, make no mistake, one of...
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      What actually failed in Starmade - if you care to listen.

      Any discussion of P1 vs P2 on simplicity is really missing the whole point of this. How you design your reactor system to be optimal isn't what keeps players around or pushes them out, what matters is that you place some limitations that give tradeoffs so there isn't only one optimal approach...
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      Turn speed- Why not gyroscopes? Directional thrusters?

      Turn rate should have nothing to do with ship dimensions to me, just mass vs systems. I do think it makes sense to have thrusters do it as well, without a separate turning-only system block, and apportion things in a GUI, but I would like it if thrusters had some placement rules in how they work...
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      Variable Length Thruster Plumes

      Either of these would be preferable because then thruster plume size would give you information on the ship's thruster capability. More information not from a HUD in combat about your enemy is nice.
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      PLEASE Rework Missile Capacity

      I just want SotS dumbfire missile volleys alongside stuff like Star Trek's firing of 6 torpedos sequentially, without unlimited spam of either. Ultimately, I think that just needs a very very small reload for firing delay (like .1 seconds) alongside a capacity that scales somewhat linearly.
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      The sounds of silence

      I think the frameshift drive sounds are way too much. Really would just like some kind of jump-out and jump-in sound that's harsh and short.
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      Beam / Beam penalty mechanic.

      I wouldn't go as far. I'd just have shield recharge stop.
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      Better Fire Focusing

      Basically, I think the following would make firing control much saner: Make volley fire focused, or split into focused and unfocused volley modes. Have focused and unfocused manual turret control. In all focused firing modes, if you are looking at empty space and have a target selected, fall...
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      PLEASE Rework Missile Capacity

      My problems with missile capacity are solely that: It's nonlinear in a bizarre way. I basically end up not caring about getting more than 4 missiles. So then, what's the point of having capacity I can change if I never want to change it? It could just be 4 completely. Reload is absolutely nuts...
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      Petition for Auto-Chargin Systems as DEFAULT

      Does clicking it turn autocharging off? It should, but if it doesn't, then it's a very strange bug where it's not even just applying regular autocharging.
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      Game Balance Suggestions

      Even so, thrust/mass is a rate, not a ratio. Thrust to weight is a ratio, although only one that makes sense with a particular gravitational reference frame.
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      StarMade v0.201.126 - Weapon Update

      Black on dark blue is a terrible color setup, never use it. Also consider putting bulletpoints so that continuations can be distinguished from separate texts.
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      Shift to sprint while in gravity

      The idea is you don't want to sprint all the time because sometimes you need to move precisely around blocks. And it is absurd that the character's current speed is considered sprinting.
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      Game Balance Suggestions

      1g is assumed. The issue is that thrust and mass can't be a ratio, they use different units, which would make that a rate; thrust and weight are a ratio.
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      Game Balance Suggestions

      Indeed. Give every ship the same max speed, show our actual "TMR" (it should be "TWR", "TMR makes no sense) instead of capping at 2.5, and make it harder to reach that 2.5 to begin with.