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      Imperial shuttle Pffff enieme version

      Empty shell of an old design. Unfamiliar shapes, folding wings.
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      Planet Devbuild Help

      Yes please, i need that too :P
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      Simple shuttle 2020-01-02

      A simple, small shuttle with good jump cappabilities. Can't give you the .sment file as the game freezes my computer evreytimes i open the import/export tools in Starmade.
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      RTS Tactical Overview (like Homeworld) with Fleet Block

      Yes please also !!
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      Expanse: Truman Class

      Try the racing ship that Mao's daughter used for her races ?
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      Expanse: Truman Class

      Excellent ! Thank you for making this. i believe there is a Rocinante on the dock also. From Skylord Luke if i'm not mistaken.
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      Wild Space Explorers

      Really, really like what you are doing.
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      The turret thread

      very nice base. Not sure i like the top part. Looks like a siwis from the US navy.
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      What actually failed in Starmade - if you care to listen.

      Play the game sir, integrity is not a thing anymore.
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      Drones skipping logic circuits

      place a wall in front of them ? (you can remove the wall with the logic triggered by the drone when it docks...)
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      Betty Brown 2019-05-19

      This ship was designed by a rogue alt of mine. He had enough of mining and building so in one last laborious effort he created this little gem to go get ressources and richesses from medium sized freighters and commercial ships. 2 powerfull canons, 2 equally dangerous beams and some missiles...
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      What happened to Starmade?

      That's a good idea. Another one... To help with your proposal may i suggest the Cake Build Server for building help and projects and Brierie for events like races and combat tournements ?
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      Chance Vough F4U French Navy 2019-05-14

      Hi ! This is the latest version of my Chance Vough F4U Corsair. The French Navy version (yes the French Nvy did use that fighter especially during the Indochina war-wich we lost like Vietnam for the USA). Despise its size its quite powerfull. 2 Canon/canon guns and 2 lock-on missiles. No...
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      Star Trek Discovery Enterprise - Scaled Build WIP

      Might help you a bit. All the pictures i found where of the same area unfortunately.