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      Investigator 7 reacted to refirendum's resource RF-57P Tigerlily II with Like Like.
      The Tigerlily II class battleship is a highly offensive/crew oriented ship. Features include a main gun, a point defense turret array...
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      Investigator 7 created the resource REAPER in Shells.
      I tried some new design techniques on this one. It wasn't supposed to come out this good but oh well ;P. just as a note: Specs...
      • Bridge.png
      • Port Angle.png
      • Prow View.png
      • Starboard Angle.png
      • Starboard View.png
      • Stern.png
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      Investigator 7 reacted to Tshara's resource WS Guard with Like Like.
      The WS Guard is a versatile little ship of the runabout class. Equipped with a strong ECM package it allows for easier recon missions...
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      Investigator 7 updated their status.
      Somehow I'm still here. Maybe I'll upload more stuff or something.