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      More Interesting Sensors (and some related things)

      Disclaimer: This suggestion assumes that all the game mechanics it relies on work a lot better than they probably actually do. I like to think I don't have to compensate for AI and sector boundaries being shit when I imagine what I want the finished game to be like. The main thing that I hope...
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      [12th of May] Schine Q&A Answers

      Yeah no air would be a disappointing omission. I really hope Schine reverses this decision.
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      Universe Update: Star Systems, Territory, and Space

      That's exactly what I've been saying. I think you were more eloquent though.
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      Universe Update: Star Systems, Territory, and Space

      I don't know, I'm just guessing. I assume it would be difficult. And even if it's not difficult, regardless it's still a problem that would need to be solved.
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      Universe Update: Star Systems, Territory, and Space

      That's not something I see happening. And even if it does, having a star system span multiple super-sectors is a problem that would have to be solved either way. Even if void space isn't made up of super-sectors, large star systems would still have to be.
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      Universe Update: Star Systems, Territory, and Space

      Maybe so, but I would be surprised if it was feasible to remove it. Wouldn't scattering star system cubes randomly among empty cubes have basically the same effect as star system cubes scattered randomly in empty space?
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      Universe Update: Star Systems, Territory, and Space

      I assume you don't mean literally delete the grid from the map, because I think it's safe to assume that would be a pretty extreme change to the way the game works. But I see no reason why star system super-sectors can't be generated less uniformly, and be interspersed among empty void...
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      More than 100% Chamber point usage (for a prize of course)

      Nah they should just start to require stabilizers once you go over 100%.
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      [12th of May] Schine Q&A Answers

      That's simple. Regardless of whether Starmade is better or worse, it's different now. Most people who used to play started playing because how it used to be appealed to them, but how it is now doesn't. This is true of literally anything people do that has ever changed, not just Starmade, not...
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      Global Ship Classification Project

      This is an exercise in futility if I've ever seen one.
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      Stations 2.0 -BEFORE- Galaxy 2.0

      Well, the AI will get better of course, but no doubt not as much as I'd like. But I know you're right, it seems once again that I've underestimated a pvpers ability to exploit any advantage. So I guess we're back to where we started, either make stations OP, or keep them underpowered and let...
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      Improvement to rail system

      I'm sure it's not impossible to implement, but I can imagine it's extremely difficult and probably more trouble than it's worth.
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      A revelation on the redundancy of System Integrity

      For the record, they never actually did this. The Polish cavalry charged and successfully routed a unit of German infantry to cover the withdrawal of other Polish forces. They never faced tanks; they only were forced to retreat once German armored cars with machine guns showed up.
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      Stations 2.0 -BEFORE- Galaxy 2.0

      So for NPC factions, there will probably be some sort of strategic-level AI to dispatch ships for, among other things, responding to threats. I would hope that this AI is capable of making basic strategic decisions like abandoning a station instead of vainly sending all available ship to defend...
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      Station Priority Poll

      What if stations were worked on in the galaxy update? After all, stations are in the galaxy...