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    Terms of Service and Rules


    Last Updated: October 9th, 2014

    StarMadeDock.net is owned and operated by Realms Network, LTD., a separate entity from Schema, Schine GmbH, and StarMade.org.

    The providers ("we", "us", "our") of the service provided by this web site ("Service") are not responsible for any user-generated content and accounts ("Content"). Content submitted express the views of their author only.

    You agree to not use the Service to submit or link to any Content which is defamatory, abusive, hateful, threatening, spam or spam-like, likely to offend, contains adult or objectionable content, contains personal information of others, risks copyright infringement, encourages unlawful activity, or otherwise violates any laws.

    StarMadeDock.net prohibits the discussion of any illegal activity on our systems and services. This includes any violations of the StarMade End User Licensing Agreement, or anything that would be in violation of the StarMade End User Licensing Agreement.

    All Content you submit or upload may be reviewed by staff members. All Content you submit or upload may be sent to third-party verification services (including, but not limited to, spam prevention services). Do not submit any Content that you consider to be private or confidential.

    We reserve the rights to remove or modify any Content submitted for any reason without explanation. Requests for Content to be removed or modified will be undertaken only at our discretion. We reserve the right to take action against any account with the Service at any time.

    You are granting us with a non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, unlimited license to use, publish, or re-publish your Content in connection with the Service. You retain copyright over the Content.

    If you feel that content that you retain copyright over (i.e. ship blueprints, textures, materials, etc.) is being displayed, submitted, shared, or sold on this service without your consent or permission, you have the right to report said content to the administration of this service and receive action including, but not limited to removal of the infringing content. Under the StarMade End User Licence: “Any content you make available on our Game must also be your creation. You must not make any content available, using the Game, that infringes the rights of anyone else. If you post content on our Game, and we get challenged, threatened or sued by someone because the content infringes that persons rights, we may hold you responsible and that means you may have to pay us back for any damage we suffer as a result. Therefore it is really important that you only make content available that you have created and you do not do so with any content created by anyone else.”

    You agree to follow the rules listed on the forums, by forum administrators and staff. Forum rules and any other rules the staff at StarMade Dock set, can be changed at any time without notice.

    If you do not agree with these terms, please do not register or use this Service. If you wish to close your account, please contact us.

    By agreeing and utilizing services provided by StarMadeDock.net and operated by the staff of StarMadeDock.net and Realms Network, LTD. you agree to adhere to the following rulesets and their stipulations.

    Service Rules & Guidelines

    Last Updated: January 13th, 2016

    Here at StarMade Dock we have a set of rules and guidelines that you are expected to adhere to if you wish to have a problem-free, enriching experience being a part of our great community. By registering an account and/or contributing content to this community, you agree to these terms and conditions of service.

    Please be sure to read all of our posting guidelines and our stickies, as well as these guidelines as ignorance is not a valid defense.

    1. No excessive usage of profanity

    While we have no objection to sharing your opinions and debating a topic - in fact, we encourage it - with other members of this community, we do not tolerate any excessive profanity whatsoever.

    A minor or infrequent usage of profanity is permitted. If you are found to be using profanity frequently, your posts will be deemed of a flaming nature and you will be dealt with accordingly.

    Since the measure of excessive usage is ultimately decided by the Administration on a case by case basis, you will receive ample warning prior to receiving disciplinary action due to the infringement of this clause.

    2. Do not behave in a Malicious Manner

    Avoid acting in such a way that could cause another user distress or harm, this includes but is not limited to bullying, insulting, and harassing another user with offensive material, leaking personal information about a user without permission.

    This is a friendly community and as such you are expected to be courteous and follow general posting etiquette. There are times when you may not agree with someone, or you've had a bad day and that is fine, we all have those days. But please, for your own benefit, leave your problems off StarMade Dock. Doing so will ensure that the StarMade Dock Community is a welcoming, friendly one.

    3. No spamming is permitted, whatsoever.

    Spam is posting any content that is not within the topic of discussion, or does not contribute anything to the forums - off topic OR on topic. The definition of spam used by this community is determined by the Administration and is not open to discussion.

    4. No flaming, inciting hatred or instigating flame bait is permitted.

    This is a friendly community and as such you are expected to be courteous and follow general posting etiquette.

    In general, any parties involved in a flame-fest - whether they be the instigator or the flamer, will be dealt with accordingly. The best way to stay out of trouble, with regards to flame-fests, is to not join in.

    5. No selling of products or services.

    6. Avatars and signatures need to be of a reasonable size. Abuse of any of these privileges will result in revocation of them.

    Our system will resize any avatar that is submitted without a chance for cropping. If you don't like this, or would rather have a more advanced system, we also support Gravatars.

    Signature Rules and Guidelines:

    • You can link to your homepage or favourite site, but you can not use it for advertising.
    • Limit your signatures to several lines.
    • Please keep the coloured text to a minimum (and your signature readable).
    • Please make sure your signature adheres to the other rules and guidelines found on this page
    • We reserve the right to edit signatures that we consider (but not limited to): too big, flashy or inappropriate.

    7. Do not beg (for likes, reputation, etc).

    8. Do not ask for a position on staff.

    For those of you interested in being a part of our staff, here is some advice: Since launching we've received requests from people to be a part of our staff - be it chat, community, etc. but what is important to note is that the vast majority of those requests have been accompanied by a lack of initiative being shown.

    Show some initiative and your work will be noticed, along with your attitude and your passion for the community.

    If you ask for a position or privileges, you will reduce the chances of your getting it. You should not have to ask; you demonstrate that you fit the bill and things should fall into line.

    9. No advertising is permitted with the exception of verified individuals in specified locations

    Advertising of any form of monetary service is completely prohibited. This will result in an immediate clean up of your posts and possible banning from the community.

    The only exception is those accounts that are verified and validated to post in the specified locations for advertisement of monetary services such as Server Hosting.

    The use of affiliate links in server discussion is permitted so long as the user themselves is not a paid employee of the company they are referring individuals to.
    Advertising a faction or an external faction site via any StarMadeDock.net or third party media moderated by Community Staff is also prohibited. The only exception is that you may link to external faction related sites in the forum signature or related forum threads.

    10. Please keep your topics of discussion relevant to the original post of the thread.

    Threads of discussion on StarMadeDock should adhere to the original purpose of the thread’s creation. Any user who has created a thread has the right to lock or modify their thread properties by notifying a member of staff. In addition, members are advised to keep on topic when replying to a thread. Users found to be deliberately changing a thread’s original topic un-organically (forcefully changing the topic) will be subject to discipline at the community staff’s discretion.

    11. Refrain from registering offensive usernames on this service.

    If you have registered with the StarMade Registry an offensive username containing, but not limited to: racial slurs, offensive language, or references that reflect poorly on our rules, guidelines, or terms you will be asked to submit a name change to one of our community administrators. Failure to comply will result in action taken up to and including removal from the service.

    12. BE PATIENT and no excessive repeating, Please!

    13. Pastebin logs, code snippets, anything longer than 3 lines!

    Suggested Pastebin Sites: http://pastie.org, http://pastebin.com, http://slexy.org or http://gist.github.com.

    14. Please speak english in our chat.

    Please try to only speak English. Our staff do not understand any other languages, making it difficult to moderate the channel effectively. Please also refrain from using “internet dialects” of English, such as “txt speak” or “leet speak”. These are very hard to understand, and are an annoyance to others.

    15. Be respectful of volunteers

    The people helping out in StarMade's chat system are doing so voluntarily and not being compensated in any way. They are to be respected as they are giving their time to help you.

    16. Chat Rules and Guidelines

    The following rules apply to the chat on StarMade Dock

    • Keep swearing to an absolute minimum.
    • Do NOT spam images in chat. Spam will generally be considered, but not limited to 2+ images within 5 minutes posted into the chat per user.
    • If any users are found posting images in rapid succession a member of the SMD Staff may issue a verbal warning in chat requesting that the posting of images be kept to a minimum, in the event that image posting continues SMD Staff are at full liberty to remove(ban) users from the chat without further warning.
    • Chat bans issued in this manner are indefinite and must be appealed by the user in question that has received the ban from chat.
    • If you disagree with a user in chat about something and feel that the issue cannot be resolved in a constructive way, please either cease discussion of the issue or take your discussion to private messages on the forums.
    • Faction chat is restricted to the faction channel, if you wish to recruit or discuss factions; please use the appropriate faction channel. You will receive a verbal warning first to stop, any further violations will result in a chat ban and/or warning points. This is up to moderation interpretation.

    Sub Section Rules


    If a thread has the NP (No Politics) prefix, any posts made in that thread not directly related to recruitment or internal faction discussion among current faction members is not permitted. This will generally be considered flaming, trolling or spam, which will be determined by moderation.

    Reporting Content and Disciplinary Actions

    Users may report any posts infringing this Terms of Service, or any of the particular sections in our Terms of Service by utilizing in-line content reporting functionality. Abuse of this system will also be considered an infringement on our Terms of Service.

    Our disciplinary scale is measured by the Forums warning point system. For each type of rule violated, a certain number of warning points and expiry times for points will be issued. Below is the system we are currently using:

    Forum & Chat Warning Point System

    Ban Tier & Point Tiers:
    • 5 points = 1 Week Ban
    • 10 points = 2 Week Ban
    • 15 points = 1 Month Ban
    • 20 points = Permanent Ban
    • 20 ≥ Inactive Points = Administration Review

    • 0 points = No points, no expiry
    • 1 point = 2 Week Expiration
    • 2 points = 1 Month Expiration
    • 3 - 5 points = 2 Month Expiration
    • 10 points = 6 Month Expiration
    • 15 points = 1 Year Expiration
    • 20 points = No Expiration
    (Colours show warning point expiration, some warnings may have different colours (expiration) than the normal point system)
    Minor Offenses
    • 0 Points - Spam (i.e. Lack of Content, Off-Topic) I
    • 0 Points - Advertising I
    • 1 Points - Spam (i.e. Lack of Content, Off-Topic) II
    • 1 Points - Advertising II
    • 2 Points - Excessive Profanity
    • 2 Points - Trolling I
    • 3 Points - Trolling II
    • 2 Points - Flaming I
    • 3 Points - Flaming II
    • 3 Points - Offensive Content (Minor)
    • 20 Points - Spam Bot
    Alternative Accounts (AA)
    (Any points awarded to one AA will be issued to all accounts.)
    • 1 Points - Posting in AA Thread (Bumping, talking to AA etc) *Certain violations may be accepted in different forum sections
    • 2 Points - Liking/Rating AA
    Major Offenses
    • 5 Points - Offensive Content (Major)
    • 10 Points - Pirating
    • 10 Points - Acting With Malicious Intent
    • 20 Points - Offensive Content - Any Racism/Sexism/Homophobia
    • 20 Points - Explicit Material
    • 20 Points - Ban Evasion
    • 20 Points - Harming Schine GmbH (Breaking EULA, Defamation etc)
    (If a warning has a II by it, or other number, it simply means another violation of the rule will result in a greater number of points being added.)

    Warning Definitions and Moderation Actions


    If the advertisement in question is not directly related to StarMade servers (In the “Servers” sub-forum) or a StarMade fan service then the user in question will have their post removed from public view and warning points administered to their account for unsolicited advertising. If the user in question can be confirmed as a spambot then an instant ban will be issued.


    Baiting is a term to describe when a user is going out of there way to elicit a negative response from someone else. Under no circumstances is baiting to be tolerated. In the event that this happens, the person doing the baiting is subject to a temporary removal of their ability to make posts on the forum as well as an appropriate number of warning points. The person or persons who responded to the baiting are subject to a warning point. Baiting should always be reported to a Moderator as soon as possible and never humored by the user.


    Bumping is discouraged unless it is a support question and the user has not received an answer in over a 24 hour period of time.

    Deleting a post:

    Posts are never truly deleted, when a moderator deletes a post, it is removed from public and only view-able to administration. We like to keep records of as many posts as possible so hiding it from public view allows administrators to look back on the relative content.


    Flaming is when one user is being negative towards another user based on any number of contributing factors, be it the users opinion, spelling, grammar, choice of faction, etc.

    We have a zero tolerance policy for flaming. We want to encourage a friendly environment on the StarMade forums, and flaming has no place in that design. Anyone found flaming another user for any reason will have the appropriate action taken against them. There are ways to disagree with someone that don’t involve being negative towards them.

    Malicious Intent:

    Malicious intent can include (but is not limited to) insulting, threatening, or harassing someone. These actions are not taken lightly and will always be met with at least 10 points applied to the user's account depending on the severity of the attack. (See Warning Points documentation, Rule #2 "Do not behave in a Malicious Manner" and warning point "10 Points - Acting With Malicious Intent" for more information)

    Reports on malicious intent will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Multiple members of the SMD staff must provide input on the report in question to determine the severity of the attack and decide what action to take.

    Personal information:

    If one user releases personal information of another user without their consent then depending on the information in question it will be dealt with as though it were a personal attack against that user. Personal information includes but is not limited to: Email address phone number, IP address, location of residence, real name, or social security number.

    Salty Language:

    A bit of foul language here and there never hurt anyone, but if any user is excessively swearing in their posts then they will be met with the appropriate actions.


    Spam consists of one or multiple people repeating the same thing (or very similar things) over and over in a very small amount of time. Spamming will be met with a removal of offending posts and the appropriate action taken against the user. (See warning point documentation).


    Racism and hate will not be tolerated at all under any circumstances (joking or not). There is no room for that kind of behavior on these forums. Any user found being racist towards or hating on another user/people (for gender, sexual preference or any other reason) will be permanently banned from the forums.

    Alt Accounts:

    Alternate Accounts(AA) are accounts owned by a user that are separate from the main account that they use on the forum. Unacceptable use of AA’s are as follows:
    • Downvoting another user’s post
    • Upvoting your main or AA’s posts
    • Posting in main account threads to promote ideas
    Use of AA’s is not prohibited, but all moderation action taken against an AA will also be taken against the main account of the user in question. BOTH main account and AA must be notified of the warning.

    ANY use of an AA when any of your accounts are banned (temporary or permanent) is considered ban evasion which will lead to an instant permanent ban across all accounts owned by the user in question.

    Ban Evasions

    Evading a ban (Ban Evasions) is when a user uses alternative account(s) to get around any type of ban, whether it be temporary or permanent. All alternative accounts have to be issued the points other accounts have received. If a user does evade a ban using an alternative account that has not been issued the warning points, this will be met with a permanent ban on ALL accounts (20 points).

    We generally advise to refrain from discussing moderational/administrative actions in a thread or chat. If a user has a problem with moderational/administrative action(s) taken, a report process is available or the user should utilise the Private Message system. In the case that you do decide to ignore this advice, it’s likely that the content you post will be in breach of one or more rules (most likely flaming, trolling or if it was really far, acting with malicious intent).

    NB: Posting general changes to rules and moderation procedures are acceptable and most certainly encouraged!

    Offensive Content

    The StarMade Dock is the official StarMade forum, as such we try to be accommodating to a broad range of audiences. We have many families and younger users frequenting this site, offensive/obscene content is NOT permitted. Please respect those around you when posting or using our chat function. This warning has two versions, 'Major' and 'Minor' infringements. Generally, 'Major' warnings are issued for second offenses, but this decision is up to the moderator - depending on the severity of the content.


    Trolling is when one user is going out of their way to incite a response from people that is more often than not negative. Trolling will often be handled on a case by case basis to determine the severity of the trolling.


    Pirating is the act of acquiring digital goods online illegally without paying for them.
    Because this is highly illegal and we will not allow discussion of pirating to occur on the forums. This includes pirating video games, software, books, images, movies, television shows, or anything else.

    Explicit Material

    Explicit Material on the forums include: Pornography, Gore, Violent images/videos etc. The posting of any such material on the forum will be met with a 20 point warning, which
    will result in an immediate and permanent ban from the forums.

    Administration and Moderation of Service

    Last Updated: March 22nd, 2015

    While we try to guarantee that every member is given the number of warning points we offer to meet each disciplinary action, we reserve the right to make any decision we believe is necessary to address the situation at hand up to and including, but not limited to, banning someone without warning.

    The StarMade Dock Staff reserve the right to read any messages usually deemed private if the situation calls for it (for example, if the contents are reported) and reserve the right to edit or delete any content provided by anyone on StarMade Dock.

    The views, opinions, or anything thereof discussed on this site and forums are by no means the views, opinions, or anything thereof supported by the StarMade Dock Community Staff. While we will try our best to moderate and delete any troublesome content, we may not be held responsible for any content that is posted.

    The StarMade Dock Community Staff reserves the right to modify these and any other guidelines found throughout the site and forums at any time and without notification and an Administrator's word is final.

    Contact moderators and administrators using approved means. Do not use private e-mails, chat-rooms, instant messages, external social media or personal websites to contact community staff unless they have personally approved that as a means of contact. Any and all moderation of StarMadeDock.net services will be handled through official communication channels which include: StarMadeDock.net Private Messages and Realms Network LTD E-mail Correspondence. Report moderation that occurs outside of StarMadeDock.net.
    Unless being reported for content the contents of all private communications must remain private unless all involved persons agree with it being published for public viewing.

    When acting on behalf of the StarMadeDock.net Community Staff Team; Moderators, Administrators, and Users should expect a level of maturity and responsibility from all parties. Failure to behave in a civilized, mature manner could result in negative action on the infringing parties.

    These rules are subject to change at any time. They are not, however, subject to loose interpretation. If something seems unclear with the presentation of the rules or the meaning of the rules it should be brought to the attention of the Administration, both Moderator and Member alike.

    You agree to follow the rules listed on the forums, by forum administrators and staff. Forum rules and any other rules the staff at StarMade Dock set, can be changed at any time without notice.

    If you do not agree with these terms, please do not register or use this Service. If you wish to close your account, please contact us.