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    SIMPLICITY v0.004

    This project has not (yet) been abandoned, in light of the current state of developement a minor update / optimization is planned, please test the current release, give feedback if you like but be advised that the complaint dept. is closed.
    Simplicity will not break Ships built to QF specs, they will simply perform slightly better.
    All are free to stick with new QF defaults.
    Please be patient, this will take a little time.

    1. re-analysis and testing of armor-values
    2. re-analysis and testing of resist-values
    3. addition of mass values (re-align ingame mass values)
    4. Multiple download versions: standard + integration w/ vanilla-extension-pack / (possibly even a custom block version)
    Feb 11. 2020, V 0.004 UpDate!

    Missile speed throttled down: 8
    AI is not capable of much higher speeds!

    MissileHP set to: 0.015 of damage...
    if AMTs cannot shoot down missiles; they are too small, missiles are too big, or attacking ship is too close!

    Shield recharge set back to original value: 15

    To update from previous Simplicity version you only need the customBlockBehavior.xml for this update*