Named: The Battleship Bulwark Bridge & Weapons Update

    May add more to it later...

    1. The Battleship Bulwark with a new bridge and tweaked weapons (with a quickfix)

      -New bridge installed and lower bridge installed
      -New captain's chair on rails (goes up & down the bridge)
      -New detailing
      -New turrets
      -Tweaked weapons
      *2 main forward cannon pcs: 1 uber, 1 semi-uber (note that the uber weapons drain all energy)
      *2 main anti-shield beam pcs: 1 uber, 1 semi-uber
      *Same missiles as before
      *Same broadside cannons as before
      -Added second jumpdrive
      -Fixed small collision issue with rear turret

      And as always, let me know of any issues with the ship.
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