Template organisation and preview

    Sep 3, 2013
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    I feel a pair of very useful features to let templates be used more readily in ship construction would be:

    1. Create template folders/organisation. This can let people share templates (ie not full ships) without them getting lost in a sea of other templates. Right now, the only solution is scrolling through a long list of hopefully well-named templates - and probably renaming every new set of templates with another underscore at the start for ease of access.

    2. Previews. I imagine this may come with an overhaul to the advanced build menu, but being able to quickly select between templates allows repeated use of shared components. A list of templates laid out like the blocks in the creative menu would be far more intuitive to use than just a list of names.

    Finally, as a side-note to building with templates, which affects regular building too: a cursor-adjust feature. Always placing everything by one particular corner leads to a lot of clicking around, making scaffolds, placing excess blocks, changing brush/selection size just to get something in place. When control is pressed, mouse aiming is disabled. Perhaps disabling movement in favour of use those keys to adjust the center of a placement (relative to the cursor) would make building less finicky.

    Cheers for any consideration