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      Dec 14, 2014
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      [SIS] Stuck In Space founder Tsnonak sends Greetings to all...

      Alliance: [SN] Space Nation (Diplomatic Representatives)

      Space Nation is an advocate of "Fair Play" Peace - Zones with and/or without Military enforcement.

      Current Members:
      [SIS] Stuck In Space
      [DB] Die Bauingenieur
      [SMD] Space-Nation Military Division
      [TSTC] Top Sekret Test Corp

      Origin: Europe
      Languages: German, English

      MOTD: Looking good Mining!

      "Light" RP elements, try to keep it realistic... don't forget your Helmet when you go out! ;)

      Current Afairs:

      Current Focus: Building, Trade , R&D, and Reconnaissance.

      Current Goals:
      Trade Dominance: To cause or force the Trading Guild into ceasing all commercial trading.

      Military Threat: None

      Head Quarters / Outposts:

      Let's Kautsch IP: - Head Quarters*
      Briere IP:
      FreaksRUs IP:

      Check out the Server Thread: Let's Kautsch e.V. Fair-Play Server

      Stuck In Space is in the founding phase.
      All assets are WIP.
      Anyone interested in joining will need to be Interviewed...
      We will need to know:

      Where are you from.
      Which Faction you wish to join: [SN], [SIS], [DB], [SMD], [TSTC], and why.
      What you like to do most in SM, i.e. what are your goals.
      Answer: How did you get Stuck In Space? ^^

      Please Incorperate this into your application, also with references to achievements if possible (pics, cc, etc).
      You may use your ingame name, (registered SM-name is not required), but keep in mind, we will not accept un-registered pilots.

      Corperate Candy...

      HeadQuarters Let's Kautsch SpaceNation (Shop Inspired)

      Reactor w/ Logo

      Reactor Closeup

      The Docking Ring: Accommodates 20 Public Docks (4 USD) with Station access through the tunnel system.

      The Lobby: Arrivals / Departures

      One of the Refineries...

      The Loading area, Stuck In Space has a strong influence on the Trade Market.
      We are always buying resources and produce everything a pilot needs to survive the harsh conditions of space.

      The Station is still under construction, public and private factories are up and running.
      We will be adding a Restaraunt, Hotel and permanent living quarters for members.

      Stuck In Space also has Outposts throughout the known Universe...

      The Let's Kautsch Spawn Station is currently being built anew due to a recent mishap involving tests with highly experimental factories for installation on ships, this has also lead to us moving the entire factory complex to another location and will only run a single-shard-automated-factory for production and sale of modules...
      We will still be purchasing resources as before, construction of the new Shop is almost complete!


      This Thread is for Info / News / Recruitment - from and/or to The Space Nation Alliance [SN]

      Extra Extra... Read all about it!!!

      We have entered negotiations with the DPDD community and are working out the details of a full merger!

      WIP Placeholder!

      See you in Space!
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      Dec 14, 2014
      Nov. 16 2018 Update_268962: construction is a little behind schedule, the new Logo and SIS signs have been installed along with completion of a few other areas.
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      Stuck In Space [SIS] Report_79846871...

      Following a fatal misshap in sector 2, 2, 2 involving experimental ship-factories, construction of the new spawn station is in full swing!

      The blast, similar to that of a sun collapsing in itself and ending in a Super Nova, was literally so huge, it "obliterated" the entire station within nanoseconds! To our dismay everything in the sorrounding 4-5 sectors was also lost. The Traders have ruled their HQ in 4, 4, 4 as un-repairable and are negotiating a suitable place for rebuilding. The blast was reported being felt throught the entire central system of 0, 0, 0, !

      We are however happy to inform all regular customers, the tragic event happened in the early morning hours and no Humans were injured!
      The good news emerging from this tragedy is we have now been able to isolate the cause and factories have been cleared as safe for installation on ships!
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