Shield bleed breakthrough?


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    Dec 14, 2014
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    Hello fellas,

    I just stumbled across this StarMade - Официальное русское сообщество

    and found this:

    Thanks to the player, SerMax was able to pinpoint the cause of periodic transgressions of direct skin damage through the shield.
    The reason is reactor overload and partly ping.

    So an example. There is a flying brick weighing 50,000. Energoregen to 1/3 at rest and 2/3 in the battle. In the care priorities, the shields are given a maximum. The reactor is overcharged by charging the SSD.

    The result - literally instantly, even on the local server, are holes in the shell caused by pirate attacks.

    1. The structure of the shield and the regeneration offer no protection against such damage.
    2. Even a 100% stability of the reactor will not save.
    3. The priorities of the reactors play no role in this error.
    4. Shields drop for a fraction of a second, the penetration is captured by the rays (and not always), but theoretically one can catch a beetle from each weapon, the main thing being to get into the temporary damage window.
    5. The size of the window depends primarily on the duration of the reactor overload and secondarily on the ping.

    Then your armor stays intact.

    I have not seen / heard of this yet, or did I just miss it?
    If its that simple, I guess a rule or config to turn it off would be good, or simply don't overload Reaktors maybe...

    Thank you Offizielle russische Community
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