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      StarMade 0.093865: Small but important fix

      So will this fix the issue with missles spawning beneath near the core rather than from the actual weapon output as well?
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      Royal Equestrian Shipyard

      Not sure how well this adheres to the size rule, but by my measurements this is somewhere in the medium fighter range. Pics Download Length: 83m Height: 22m Width: 34m Mass: 1042 Shields: 30461 Regen: 1328/s Delay: 0.5s Power: 20090(101302.6 e/s) Thrust: 1406 Armament: 4x AMC, 4x...
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      D1000 missile array problems

      So I'm working on a build project of mine and I've run into a snag. I have a setup of six missile groups comprised of ten missiles each, aligned vertically. Firing one group at a time, I'm able to fire one through three just fine. Groups four and five misfire invariably, and group six fires...
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      Weapons not firing correctly

      I\'m actually having a similar problem on my current project as well. I\'m working with about sixty d1000 arrays positioned in four distinct clusters of fifteen. I\'ve already confirmed that all the arrays are assigned to the cpu and that there are no grouping conflicts. Upon firing only the two...
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      Royal Equestrian Shipyard

      Here\'s two small scale, decidedly crappy ideas I mocked up in a hurry: Linear, rapier inspired shape. Looks absurdly like an airplane. The large parallelogram would contain systems, ship core, what not and what have you. This idea was more along the lines of shaping the body of the ship...
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      Mobile Fortress Project[WIP]

      Managed a few hours work today and here\'s what I have to show for it: Started on what was orginally going to be the main reactor bay, but the sheer scope of the design was far too daunting and time consuming. It wasn\'t long before I shifted focus to something more efficient. This area is...
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      Mobile Fortress Project[WIP]

      Admittedly, I can live without the factory modules and the undeathinator. Not having a plex lifter though is going to be a pain in the ass for anyone who docks on this thing though. From the bottom of the main docking bay it\'s about 100m straight up to get to the first deck. Oh well, time to...
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      Mobile Fortress Project[WIP]

      So I had this crazy idea a few days ago with some buddies for a flying station. They said it was impossible... I said "Fuck that noise!" This is a slightly outdated screenshot showing the full length of the ship. Notice that there is a corner of the ship that isn't rendering. It's beyond...
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      Calculations on Ingame Values

      Downloaded, gonna try this later today.
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      Block placement and broadsides

      While tinkering with a capital ship design, I discovered something disappointing. You see, I was designing my ship to fire shots broadside, but when testing my weapon systems, I discovered that rotating the weapon blocks does not affect output direction. I found the same applies to the SD...