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    1. AtraUnam

      Nauvinoc Omin-Ship prototype 1.0

      Just had the build spark suddenly come back, literally built this thing in a single day to shake off the rust so appologies if its not up to my old level of quality. Its got some nice rail antenas with an in-ship toggle and a super simple airlock that I'm honestly not proud of. Anyway please...
    2. AtraUnam

      I live!

      I live!
    3. AtraUnam


      Guess that'll teach ya to make kickass spider robots then! (Following robot made by CyberTao)
    4. AtraUnam

      Power 2.0 (new iteration): GOOD WORK !

      Gonna back this guy up, flawed as new power may be the ability to put stabilizers on multiple sides at a closer distance was a huge improvement and a step in the right direction.
    5. AtraUnam

      You Have Failed Us

      On one hand as a veteran player I do still enjoy the game, but at this point I spend much more time playing other games than I do playing Starmade.
    6. AtraUnam

      Kupu's thread

      Praise Schema, finally!
    7. AtraUnam

      Perma cloaking impossible now? (2.5% over the chamber limit?)

      GG schine so little chamber points that we can't even fully speciaize in some single systems.
    8. AtraUnam

      Starmade memes

      If they do that... well lets just say theres a plan.
    9. AtraUnam

      Starmade memes

      If they want a war I'll bring them one.
    10. AtraUnam

      Suggestion Bring back chat.

      Bring it back so we can relive the glory days of 40k v pony wars and talking smutt in the private convos. And give me back my hug damn you!
    11. AtraUnam

      Starmade memes

      So apparently a few posts were accidentally taken down due to some over enthusiastic moderation, as a memeber of the community I feel it is my duty to put at least one of them back in its place (now is my meme)
    12. AtraUnam

      Devs Need to Review the V2 Objectives.

      For the record 30km away from the core is the maximum amount as the build area is just under 64km across roughly centred on the core. Any blocks placed beyond this boundry will add mass but will not do anything else and will vanish when the ship is reloaded.
    13. AtraUnam

      I refuse to partake in this thing you call sanity.

      I refuse to partake in this thing you call sanity.
    14. AtraUnam

      Lost 3 hours yesterday...

      Lost 3 hours yesterday...
    15. AtraUnam

      P2 fighter/bomber scale

      I don't even... if all this is true I can't even begin to describe the stupid. Its practically a health bar mechanic at this point only a healthbar you can't see that has very little to do with what other systems you have on the ship.
    16. AtraUnam

      P2 fighter/bomber scale

      So essentially schine said that they softened the stabilizer rules then implemented a mechanic so harsh as to make them mandatory anyway -_-
    17. AtraUnam

      Starmade memes

      I'm imagining shopkeepers like the fucking terminator when it transforms its arms into huge crowbars and latches onto their car.