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    1. Ribbons0121R121

      Void Enemies concept

      what next language?
    2. Ribbons0121R121

      Deep, Dark, Void Horror.

      eh, well i mean the idea of something that powerful invading server sectors doing things that are not so great for the servr host or the player 1.causing a ton of ping and lag for its size getting to spawn would basicly discourage new players and old one would need a serious nerf in...
    3. Ribbons0121R121

      Deep, Dark, Void Horror.

      all im going to say is as good of an idea as these are, they neither fit starmade as a whole and aren't such a great idea for servers period.
    4. Ribbons0121R121

      Void Enemies concept

      ok well please learn proper grammar and english first, thank you.
    5. Ribbons0121R121

      What happened to Starmade?

      i honestly don't really play on servers, i mainly just play singleplayer and screw around trying to build something nice, but how do you make a private server?
    6. Ribbons0121R121


      not wuite what i ha din mind but maybe like a way to control the ship from like a chair and calibrate systems with consoles.
    7. Ribbons0121R121


      cctualy, yes, you should be able to control your ship without having to lose the ability to wander the ship.
    8. Ribbons0121R121

      The Gmodism Industries [ GI ]

      and while youre dying she will be still alive. and when youre dead she will be still alive.
    9. Ribbons0121R121


      i think more sounds for certain events or ambient sounds/music would make more immersion, and perhaps usable console screens and such to replace the need for tags on display modules(shield stat monitor, reactor monitor, etc.).
    10. Ribbons0121R121

      The Gmodism Industries [ GI ]

      chief engineer you say? well how about you get those engineers to make some combustible lemons!
    11. Ribbons0121R121

      The Gmodism Industries [ GI ]

    12. Ribbons0121R121

      UGSC [Halo RP | Military] [Recruiting]

      i revive the thread with the power of red vs blue
    13. Ribbons0121R121

      Reactor Chamber effects

      well like i said, it was only an idea, but maybe something like an upgrade for it could allow for replacing lost blocks, 1 for system and functional and 1 for armor. with the downside being a higher energy draw and only one upgrade could be used at a time, locking the other one.
    14. Ribbons0121R121

      UGSC [Halo RP | Military] [Recruiting]

      if there is caboose, i will join right now no questions asked
    15. Ribbons0121R121

      Ring Worlds

      i have come to revive it again because im a completionist and i want t done
    16. Ribbons0121R121

      People with slow Computers

      im using a mac laptop tell me its limits before the game gets to be 5 frames a second
    17. Ribbons0121R121

      Universe Update Roadmap #1

      honestly im hyped for it, but looks like their stuck on something for now
    18. Ribbons0121R121

      Survival Expansion mod

      well, they improved the block import tools, whats the likelyhood of it now?
    19. Ribbons0121R121

      No NPCs spawning

      ive been experiencing it too, im guessing its a glitch. because whenever i try to spawn a shop keep, the entire game crashes instantly.