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    1. Agogeps

      Recruiting Content Makers

      We are working hard on a star wars server, and are looking for a few good people to join our team. The salary sucks, but the creativity is pretty rewarding.
    2. Agogeps

      2019 Help Videos

      I've started working on some basic game play and help videos to hopefully increase interest in star made and help new players. As an admin and server owner I've encountered a lot of the same questions. I hope the videos help. Starmade Beginner Gameplay 2019 Starmade 2019 - Stealing a ship...
    3. Agogeps

      1:1 Starwars ships for Server Content.

      I am working on 1:1 content for my server, hosted at The players are not limited to SW content, but all server content is from that. Here are some examples of what has been converted or made so far. Hopefully you might even be able to tell what they are. Join our discord from...
    4. Agogeps

      SR StarWars 24/7 Dedicated (SpaceRift)New Setting up

      Hey everyone, I know there aren't many players, but I have a server available that caters to Star Wars. The content is updated and includes ships and stations that will launch fighters. Here are some photos. Content is still being updated. Help is always appreciated. All stations are new...
    5. Agogeps

      The Rift has opened

      The Rift - Recruiting Factions and admins There are new galaxies opened in 'The Rift', a new server with RP support, and new NPC threats. To challenge this we need factions. Join 'War Inc', our veteran friendly faction or contact me to bring over your faction with admin help to make this a...
    6. Agogeps

      War Inc. -Veteran Friendly faction.

      Live by luck Kill by profession I am starting a faction with a focus on veterans. EX Infantry here with respect for all trades. Owned server at 'The Rift'. Self identify or make yourself home on the server. The Rift - Recruiting Factions and admins
    7. Agogeps - once 'The Rift' has changed due to new domain name

      has replaced now at teamspeak at Now that this server is setup with 5 custom npc factions. I would like to invite faction leaders to email me schematics of their faction bases or upload them to the server. Major faction bases will be spawned on request and npc...