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    1. Ribbons0121R121

      Halo Font or HUD

      i just noticed no one made a halo HUD or font for starmade, and i was asking if maybe someone could make one
    2. Ribbons0121R121

      Fire Birds Ship Project:The Flying Nest O' Fire

      shipyard doesnt have much...yet. i do have something planned. a large deathonaught with super weapons of mass destruction. yes i know its just weapon combinations, ive just scaled them up really big. 1.C+c:a large volley compact machine gun may be a rotating one, for effect. 2.C+m:charge it...
    3. Ribbons0121R121

      Can you create an automatic mine layer?

      I saw te new mine system and i started playing with it and i wondered "can i create an auto mine layer that lays mines and arms them automaticly?" Is it possible and if so how to build it?
    4. Ribbons0121R121

      Game Music

      Wh not an official game soundtrack or something?
    5. Ribbons0121R121

      Railcannons and auto Placers

      Just a random suggestion. what if you could add a Magnet block that repulses things like warheads. I was think "why not make a warhead railcannon?" but i dont think you can. Why not add a rail cannon multiblock structure to the game or auto block placers to reload said rail cannons? I think it...