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    1. kiddan

      The Quickfire Initiative: Rebalancing StarMade.

      I'm pretty certain Quickfire updates more frequently than the dev build.
    2. kiddan

      Klawxx - Shipyard | W.I.P. News & Screenshots

      The whole build is still blending together really well, keep it up! =D
    3. kiddan

      StarMade Unofficial Community Discord Server

      Unsure, but the official one is still active if you haven't already joined. =)
    4. kiddan

      Inner Corners

      This is something we've been asking for for over a year. Hopefully we get one eventually. :P
    5. kiddan

      Balancing blocks gut-check

      With the health of a wedge chopped in half, would the fact that there's still two blocks in one space affect projectiles differently than a single full block? I'm not well-versed in combat mechanics, so if someone could shed some light on that I'd be grateful. (E.g: Do double slabs affect...
    6. kiddan

      Deep, Dark, Void Horror.

      There are going to be some increasing threats in the void, according to the first QnA with Schine on the Discord channel. Also, hey Criss! :davehurr:
    7. kiddan

      Dan' Stargate ships Emporium

      Feels like you're breezing through this ship, hot dang! Keep it up. =)
    8. kiddan

      Why will only four mining lasers fire at a time?

      It's also possible your beam barrels are touching, so you technically have four barrels. Not sure, but it'll be pretty obvious if you select the computer and look around. =)
    9. kiddan

      Klawxx - Shipyard | W.I.P. News & Screenshots

      Looks like a bloody good time! :)
    10. kiddan

      How to take nice(r) screenshots

      If anyone is wondering, lowering the FOV means you are ignoring those (imaginary) particles of light that are approaching your camera from wider angles. Since everything you're seeing is being mapped onto a flat screen those wide angled visuals appear closer than you may prefer in a screenshot...
    11. kiddan

      Darknassius Shipyard

      Eyyy, I missed ya! Always a pleasure seeing what you build. =)
    12. kiddan

      Small Status Update

      I'm going to assume so, as I remember making galaxies look more natural was also mentioned before. Having strands or groups of more/less dense stars would certainly lead to that.
    13. kiddan

      Small Simple Requests

      Here's the link, it's more active than the forum right now: Join the StarMade Discord Server!
    14. kiddan

      Small Simple Requests

      Sounds like the sort of thing Schema would "add to his list" if you pinged him on the Discord server. Just sayin'...
    15. kiddan

      Re-use the new button mesh

      Now we can have a toilet seat!
    16. kiddan

      multiblock thing

      I assume you're recalling mods like Factorization or Railcraft (bottling machine, blast furnace, etc)? It'd be interesting to be able build a structure out of multiple blocks, turning it into a modeled machine, but I have trouble imagining that in Starmade's current state. The game is kinda...
    17. kiddan

      The Gmodism Industries [ GI ]

      I absolutely love following this project of yours, keep up the great work!
    18. kiddan

      What actually failed in Starmade - if you care to listen.

      I gotta say, for a thread about past and present there's sure a lot of, "But it's gonna be fixed!" While quite a bit of it may be correct, that isn't the purpose of this discussion, yea?
    19. kiddan

      Pixel: under construction

      More Kupu content, I'm in love! Is there a specific inspiration for creating this pack?
    20. kiddan

      Camera/Display connection

      Nice idea! There's a few more performance improvements that come to mind: Display module video resolution, as a setting in-game Max number of rendered video feeds, as a setting in-game