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      NASSZONE Starmade Servers

      NASS server no longer around ? Any newer version or ip ?
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      StarMade v0.1721 More building options

      That bugs solved list ^^
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      Ever had one of those moments in chat where you were just like "things happened and then happiness o

      Noticed spam and flood in that first post. Where were the mods ? :P
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      A solution to catalog buying lag and infinite resources ruining the economy

      Dudes, you know you are talking to a one-year-old thread, right ? The before-last idea already existed as a server-setting feature (the admin of that server picks if he wants people to buy ships with the resources, with both, or just money, the default), the last idea was bad, and the rest is...
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      Bionics – Fish inspired spacecrafts

      Gonna fish some fishezzz !
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      Starmade just got S**t on :/

      Another nub who just found out there are more space-cubic games, grats ^^ No, the world won\'t end for every space cubic style game you find.
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      Creepypasta came true

      H4X0R2 ?
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      Royal Equestrian Shipyard

      The thread maker is away for over 2 months, so, he won\'t add or make anything else.
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      Bug with StarNet.jar and spaces in arguments

      Posts or threads here are not ignored, they sometimes have the bad luck of not getting noticed... but the normal case is when it\'s noticed but placed on a \"to-do\" list that keeps changing with each new thing that he has to do. Have fun, -Mike
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      The Unified Alliance of Factions Official Bulletin

      Wait, are you trying to use this as excuse to grief/troll/spawnkill/\"break as many rules as they want\" on others ? 1rst, how does that make it better or \"allowed\", 2nd, the griefers/etc normally don\'t have anything of worth on the server, like if you remember your first enemies from the...
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      Share your Major F*%# Ups in StarMade

      Defentrix , do /search name Like if it\'s name was \" Defentrix super capital ship\" you can just do /search Defentrix or /search capital. Whatever piece of it\'s name works.
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      HT-Faltex (14.6m DPS turret)

      I want you to see that it can\'t even fire once, in this version of the game :P This turret is now obsolete, the servers are fine with 3000 bullets (even though they won\'t happen, on this turret), and have fun with some other topic ^^ -Mike
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      Flower Power

      Flowers are not physical, therefor, not taking general damage :P
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      Hospital/Medivac Ship

      We needed stuff that is on peaceful :D Haven\'t seen such thing for over a month.
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      Hospital/Medivac Ship

      That is a nice thought, but, incorrect, space is not safe, and there are the rogue or pirate factions who just gives no crap to what the thing moving in front of them is, if it has booty, they need it. Especially the poor type of rogue factions, that really need the loot to survive, and bring...
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      Hospital/Medivac Ship

      Simply use the Ship Catalog Manager under \"Tools\" tab in the 2nd window at the game launche, where you have Sandbox/Multiplayer and such options. The same place where you export/import ships.
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      Skin Crashing Players!!!

      Correct, don\'t make possibly hamrful stuff public. Meanwhile, you got a PM.
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      Encourage Modding

      The off topic and that incorrect wording goes on... I guess this thread will require a cleanup soon enough.
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      Encourage Modding

      Do you really want your 4 months on to never reach 5 months ? Just make another uncontrolled and EULA breaking post like that. (EULA, the thing you clicked on \"I\'ve read, understood and accept the EULA\" when you registered here). You can express your opinions without needing...
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      Encourage Modding

      Archer, that\'s already done, I had the same feeling when the topic of the new site came up, so there\'s also an entire main section for player-made stuff (like art, mods, stories, everything that\'s not ships/factions/servers which have other sections). So you can paint yourself in a happy blue :D