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    1. JNC

      Sticky Advanced Build

      Was the double-tap ctrl advanced build mode removed or am i just missing something?
    2. JNC

      PLEASE Rework Missile Capacity

      "To prevent missile spam, a ship will now have a shipwide missile capacity. This capacity reloads overtime at a fixed rate, and requires some additional power to do so. You can place extra missile capacity blocks on your entity to increase the base capacity. This means that there is a finite...
    3. JNC

      Show Shop Location

      I assume, at some point, every sector in Starmade isnt going to have stations, derelicts and pirates in them and player or faction structures will be much more worthwhile. To this end, I'd just like to suggest that shops be given the option to show their locations to everyone on the galaxy map...
    4. JNC

      Speed Logic

      Would it be possible to have logic that's based on speed and/or thrust inputs? Outputs for the following: - 6 directions of thrust - braking and accelerating - speed relative to max Would be nice for making exhaust nozzles/vanes that actually move based on speed / maneuvering or speed brakes...
    5. JNC

      Ability to substitute blocks for repairs

      If a design has missing blocks and needs repairs, we could tell a shipyard (or support ship) to repair the ship with any block of equivalent purpose... for example, if a purple ship has a bunch of holes in it but the shipyard (or repair ship) only has grey armor, you could check a box or...
    6. JNC

      Area of Effect Broadcaster

      Suggesting a module or chamber that causes the hosts chamber effects to be projected in a sphere, like shields, but so that other friendly ships can benefit from them. Like a carrier that can boost its fighters armor as long as they are within a ~few hundred meters.... or a dedicated cloak ship...
    7. JNC

      RGB Selector for Everything

      Similar to what Thalanor mentioned here in 2016... Is there any reason we cant have an RGB selection menu that applies to all things colorable? It would cut the block IDs waaay down, give us the players all the colors. Unpainted blocks could be silverish (not grey), but if a color is chosen...
    8. JNC

      Logic Based Target Prioritization

      **doesnt actually use logic blocks...** A universal AI target prioritization update would be swell. Might be too complex for BOBBY but would like to see a more complete target prioritization screen, perhaps similar to power priorities, that is not dependent on ship/station type or weapons...
    9. JNC

      Projectile Width adjustments

      Projectile width, on impact, (just cannons??) is now supposed to increase based on the number of blocks adjacent to the output block (which I no longer see in buildmode). I've tried testing this and I'm not sure if the impact craters were getting larger due to total output or adjacent blocks...
    10. JNC

      Faction trade / Buy & Sell Property

      The ability to engage in abstract trade between two or more factions. Faction A could give Faction B a call and offer ''whatever'' in exchange for ''whatever''... system(s) ownership for example. Perhaps a fixed amount of resources or ships or even other systems. Something like this would...
    11. JNC

      Logbook Uses

      Similar to the Resource Reports thread, and kinda how Eve used to do it (idk if it's still this way) but what if the logbook was more of a data card and could be used to turn game meta data into a physical object. For example, blueprints.... or perhaps a player could select sectors on their map...
    12. JNC

      Persistent Wrecks

      Persistent wrecks would be nice, but, Im actually thinking, as an alternative, it'd be cool if we could get the ability to turn a ship/station/wreck into something persistent (like an asteroid) at anytime with admin commands. This way, for RP reasons, we could ensure scenes do not disappear on a...
    13. JNC

      Reverse Engineering

      The ability to combine blueprint data. For example, you defeat a pirate ship and take it back to your shipyard for analysis. The ship was heavily damaged so maybe only one-third of its design is known and saved to a blueprint. Over many subsequent engagements you're able to bring back the...
    14. JNC

      Damage Pulse 2.0

      "It may not surprise you, but we’re removing damage pulse from the game." Really? There's no way it can be re-imagined? :( Here are some quick ideas for consideration: 1.) What if the weapon could have a few block arrangements which would allow it to be a "pulse projector" wherein a pulse (in...
    15. JNC

      BOBBY AI unfocused

      Can we get the option to allow AI modules controlling weapons to fire unfocused? Doesnt seem right to me when a Bobby has a large weapon/salvage bank and they always fire it focused onto one block. Could be a check box or something?
    16. JNC

      Cargo Storage Amount

      Is there a way to change how many items cargo / storage blocks can hold without altering block mass settings? Tried searching for some setting in the various .cfg files but didn't see anything. :( I feel like an entire asteroid being mushed down into 1 cargo space is too easy.
    17. JNC

      Thrust Management by thruster group

      Can we get some additional options in the thrust management window that allow us to manage either specific thruster groups or all groups, etc. This way, for example, we could designate a specific group of thrusters that are on the side of a ship to only provide sideways thrust to the thrust pool!
    18. JNC

      Read by Council Below Hull Turret Parts

      I propose allowing weapon blocks attached to the first turret part (horizontal axis) to impart their strengths / effects into the barrel portion of the turret (vertical axis). This way, a vertical column of weapon blocks will rotate with the base, within the mothership, and the barrel portion of...
    19. JNC

      Host Power Display

      Specifically, turrets come to mind, but since docked objects are able to utilize their hosts power reserves, can a docked object be given an additional power readout on the UI that displays the motherships power? Even just a percentage scale would be helpful.
    20. JNC

      Reverse Hepta Block?

      Not sure what it's called, hope the picture helps. I also have the sketchup save of it but cant upload that i guess. :]