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    1. DreadShimmra

      Hello Again 2023!

      It has been a while. Long and short, I've had the itch to play StarMade again, after many years. Old hosts are long gone, most of the community is playing singleplayer it seems if they still play at all. So, figured I would do something about it. If you do not remember me, that is perfectly...
    2. DreadShimmra

      When was your personal "golden age" for StarMade?

      100% 14-16. Power 2.0 was a blow, and yeah, lost most of our motivation and players. I miss Illusive more than I care to admit. The game was fun, but the people were the best part.
    3. DreadShimmra

      Hello again 2023!

      It has been a while. Long and short, you may not remember me but I (and a large group of others!) ran the Illusive UK Server. I am making this post here as my own hardware has some spare room, and I had the itch to play Starmade again. I fully intend to play for a bit (week or two, maybe more.)...
    4. DreadShimmra

      Digging through old archives :)

      Digging through old archives :)
    5. DreadShimmra

      Sensor Beacon Tracking System

      The general idea is this: 1. You have a faction home base (or faction owned station) that has a controlling computer, ala a warp gate computer 2. You have a flavor of the marker beam that allows you to connect that controlling block to a counterpart module, that you could either place on a...
    6. DreadShimmra

      Community Added and Edited "Change Log"

      Perfect. This is more or less the exact idea I had when I had put up this post, users actually collaborating on something for (ideally) the betterment of the community.
    7. DreadShimmra

      Community Added and Edited "Change Log"

      Thank you for your effort! Edited the main post to include this. Checked, and confirmed. It is in the General tab of the options menu for anyone interested. the F12 menu is dead useful as well, as it makes it easier to see if it is a server, or a client having issues.
    8. DreadShimmra

      A Suggestion for a community build

      Honestly it would be easier to make a "race track" like the Letzer Ring Training course from Tachyon: The Fringe
    9. DreadShimmra

      Community Added and Edited "Change Log"

      Hmm. I will get back to my guys on that. They are all saying it is using more power now, and backdating and checking the configs proves it is not. We have ships 3 versions old now that are no longer stable under full thrust so something somewhere has changed it seems, just not in the thrust...
    10. DreadShimmra

      Community Added and Edited "Change Log"

      Community Contributed and Moderated Change Log I DreadShimmra fully intend to donated my time and effort to hopefully getting the community "on the same page" as it were. Please read the list below for any questions, and feel free to post/message me about any possible...
    11. DreadShimmra

      Looking for faction.

      You should join up with the Illusive and HSZ remnants in the NLE :)
    12. DreadShimmra

      Illusive Server News Page

      PREFACE The general idea is to give people a time and a place to \"test out their builds\" in a pvp environment. GENERAL RULES 1. Squad size is to not excede more than 5 players, not counting staff 2. Each squad has a maximium of 5 ships total, which means one flagship, and 4 smaller ships 3...
    13. DreadShimmra

      CPU Usage Issue

      This is exactly the response I have been looking for gents, I appreciate you guys taking the time to post here, not going to lie, I really had needed a larger sample size for data. Furthermore, Lazarus, is this only while connected to a multiplayer server, or does that happen with single player...
    14. DreadShimmra

      New Galactic Empire

      As current head of Dirae Crucem, I hereby offer an alliance, on Illusive at least for now. Also, you gents may be interested in contracting with DCI as an occasional shipwright, as our faction has a decently vested interest in replica ships, and have (as of this writing) we have one working...
    15. DreadShimmra


      If no one has said it before, welcome to Illusive, I am Dread Shimmra, head administrator of the aforementioned server. I look forward to seeing your builds :) and also, you can count on DCI as an ally, if you so choose.
    16. DreadShimmra

      CPU Usage Issue

      That is exactly it, when you run out of vram, it allocates to normal ram, i for example am running an i7, and a radeon hd5850 with 1gig of vram, once it runs out of vram, it goes to system available ram, and with the hyperthreading, it screws up and tries to process more than it can handle, thus...
    17. DreadShimmra

      The Kyar Core Looking for new Home Server

      You and yours are more than welcome on Illusive, and that of course comes with the usual importation and purchasing rules therein, as in if your faciton has more than 5 members we can import your homebase/sector of your choice.
    18. DreadShimmra

      CPU Usage Issue

      Ok, long and the short of this whole issue is that with large ships, large stations, or areas with a lot of entities in close proximity, the CPU usage on most computers (client side mind you, not on a server or a computer running both a server and a client) goes to the maximum allowable for the...
    19. DreadShimmra

      Illusive Server News Page

      I intend to use this page for some Illusive related announcements. On that note, I am hereby announcing that the Illusive Pirate and "Building" Build contest. This contest will be open Indefinitely, due to small submission numbers Rewards are offered for the best/most creative/most effective...
    20. DreadShimmra

      Dirae Crucem Industries

      My apologies in the delay with a response, we would be more than happy to welcome you to DCI, if you are still interested