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    1. Tshara

      Dan' Stargate ships Emporium

      Just searching for 'installing old hard drive in new computer' will give you some options I think.
    2. Tshara

      StarMade Ship Size Comparison Chart Continued!

      Always loved this project. Better get the Galactic Trading Vessel and the Dakota up there: Galactic Trading Vessel | StarMade Dock WS Dakota | StarMade Dock Better continue the trend and let them be part of Wild Space.
    3. Tshara

      Wild Space Explorers

      A hefty episode today with the last of the entries.
    4. Tshara

      Wild Space Explorers

      More and more entries.
    5. Tshara

      Community Build Initiative: Solar System Racer

      Just because I wanted to enter something with a bit more interior space: The Grape | StarMade Dock
    6. Tshara

      The Grape 1.0

      Initially build as a small privately owned pleasure ship. Extensive retrofitting with 4 dual core VTOL engines it pushes the space frame to its limits. Better keep an eye on those pressure gages!
    7. Tshara

      Wild Space Explorers

      The competition is getting fierce.
    8. Tshara

      Wild Space Explorers

      Today we show proof there is air in space!
    9. Tshara

      When u'r neewbi

      You could try the download through Steam.
    10. Tshara

      Wild Space Explorers

      More competitors enter the race!
    11. Tshara

      Ladybug - The last one. I promise.

      - Fixed some misplaced blocks. - Changed antenna array slightly. - Changed blinking lights setup. - Added control button to cockpit for light animation.
    12. Tshara

      Ladybug - Small update

      - Added faction block - Added AI block - Added some light effects
    13. Tshara

      Community Build Initiative: Solar System Racer

      A second submission for me. Just for a little fun: Ladybug | StarMade Dock
    14. Tshara

      Ladybug 1.2

      My second entry into the community build challenge. This one is just for some fun. It’s a quirky little ship with some small features. Its got a small interior featuring a cockpit with a retractable bed for the pilot. Thanks to Sven_The_Slayer for the idea. Some basic chambers to max out its...
    15. Tshara

      Wild Space Explorers

      I look at the first 5 entries in the Community Build Initiative: Solar System Racer
    16. Tshara

      Second star to the right - Probably the last update for this ship…. Probably

      Added additional RCS thrusters to pop out when in agility mode. Located on the drone docking ring. Made some small visual changes. Mainly pipes etc. Updated some of the flavor text.
    17. Tshara

      Second star to the right - I thought I was done. I was wrong.

      Additional features added: Tweaked several hull details. Added additional animated elements. Will switch on in agility mode. Master switch located in the cockpit. Improved airlock logic. Its smarter now! Added teleporter to airlock. Added escape pod. Hatch located in engineering section...
    18. Tshara

      Wild Space Explorers

      2 was a bit too much as you noticed. With small builds it's a lot easier to change it and experiment with different layouts.
    19. Tshara

      Wild Space Explorers

      A new challenge has appeared!
    20. Tshara

      Community Build Initiative: Solar System Racer

      This was a fun little chalange! My entry: Second star to the right | StarMade Dock