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    1. IR0NSIGHT

      An alternative FTL System - WarpSpace

      A thought on griefing: With the warpspace, a potential raid is far harder to pull off. 1 warpsector = 10 realspace sectors, so if you sit in your warpsector and you can see 1 sector in each direction, you essentially can see whats going on in the warp for the whole stellar system. Very hard to...
    2. IR0NSIGHT

      An alternative FTL System - WarpSpace

      Since each system has 4 nodes at a 1:10 scale, i dont really see the danger of griefing, because it to many entry points to try and prey for passerbys, but not to many if you want to set up defenses in your own system. But sure, any ability to defend a system can also be used for...
    3. IR0NSIGHT

      automated weapons fire limited amount of times

      my bet is on bug. weapon computers shouldnt have a max count of firing. If you experience it again, pls send me or anyone from the starlaoder discord the log files so we can have a look
    4. IR0NSIGHT

      An alternative FTL System - WarpSpace

      Hello people, i figured i post this thread here for some long time discussion, as discord swallows a lot of answers and i do want as much input/feedback as possible. I present to you WarpSpace. WarpSpace replaces the vanilla FTL mechanic ("admin teleport") with a minecraft nether like space...
    5. IR0NSIGHT

      WarpSpace 0.3

      this is a testversion for my testserver, its not meant to be downloaded by anyone else
    6. IR0NSIGHT

      wewBot - wew 0.2

    7. IR0NSIGHT

      wewBot 0.2

      a chatbot that will answer "wew" if you type "wew" in the chat
    8. IR0NSIGHT

      silverstations (proof of concept) 0.1

      This mod has the goal to add unqiue abilites to stations. Currently only anchor stations are implemented. This is a very early stage of the mod but it should be survival friendly. EDIT: Very sorry, turns out its not dedicated multiplayer compatible at the moment. You can still playtest to get a...
    9. IR0NSIGHT

      SMBEdit - Blueprint Editor

      WOndering if SMBedit still gets support. Everytime i open the GUI and do anything with it, it just dissapears. no matter what kind of 3d file (tried multiple stl and obj) or blueprints i impiort, just crashes without a sound. tired reinstalling with pip3.6 install -I pyqt5 pip3.6 install -I...
    10. IR0NSIGHT

      Screenshot collection porn

      I felt so good about my build, then this guy comes along and bombs my self esteem. Thanks shiniyami some pictures here:
    11. IR0NSIGHT

      Time to Talk..

      so to conclude the main problem with power 2.o is the stabilizer positions forcing certain ship shapes. Also an idea from myself: i like RP and PvP. Hard to combine but possible. A big problem is having non- freefloat turrets that can a. turn 360 b. deal enough damage. The turrets tend to get to...
    12. IR0NSIGHT

      Are there any Populated servers?

      you should stop giving a shit about the maybe 5 annyoing "meany pvps" that are left in this game. Also it doesnt matter if the account is legit or not, he right. There are no populated servers, you will never see more than 4 people online at a time and the game is pretty dead. Which is a shame...
    13. IR0NSIGHT

      Cake Build Server - The Most Delicious Build Server [Whitelist]

      IGN IR0NSIGHT Building together is better than building alone Chocolate cake if its not to sweet