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    1. MrFURB

      Damage Pulse, the forgotten weapon

      One of the primary weaknesses of alpha cannons/beams is that their lower block damage and painfully low versatility isn't balanced by any upsides. Beam secondary works because the lower block destruction is a trade-off for long range that would otherwise be free. That range can make a big...
    2. MrFURB

      Devblog 27th June 2017

      Back in my day... Also, I'm reasonably sure the devs don't mind any type of criticism so long as it is civilized. I could go on and on about how some bugs just aren't dying, or how I would do things differently if I weren't so lazy, or how I'll be in the midst of my midlife crisis and flying...
    3. MrFURB

      Light Vs Dark News

      The Battle of Vuo, otherwise known as the reason 15 players, 5 million mass, 800 drones, and 5,500 entities in one place is a really bad idea. Also where FCM figured out the secrets of Vaygr propulsion technology; A line of slave NPCs pushing the ship from behind.
    4. MrFURB

      Devblog 6th June 2017

      How much of an effect will the reduced draw time have on framerates in large battles where the only ship close enough to view the full mesh of is your own?
    5. MrFURB

      StarMade Ship Systems 2.0

      True, yeah. My only complaints about self powered docked entities in the new power system is dependent on how reactor/stabilizer distance scales.
    6. MrFURB

      Don't forget to BUFF THRUSTERS for Power 2.0!

      I wouldn't be against a straight buff to the thrust and power consumption of thruster blocks. With the current systems and diminishing returns on thrusters a large ship with more than 0.5 TMR has to dedicate far more space to thrust than seems necessary.
    7. MrFURB

      StarMade Ship Systems 2.0

      I think you're just going to have to take my word for it; self-powered entities break parts of the game's power-based mechanics. Docked guns and docked hulls with their own 2m e/s supply are simply superior to having the same amount of power in bulky auxiliaries on the ship's primary entity...
    8. MrFURB

      Devblog May 30th 2017

      The readily apparent differences between specializing ships with the current proposal and with what we already have are rather small in my eyes. If you are a fan of placing things in chunks the replacement/respec process is exactly the same as it always has. The largest difference I can find is...
    9. MrFURB

      Formiden Colonial Mandate - New Name, Same Old Tricks

      Thread unlocked on new current faction owner's request. Take that Bearish!
    10. MrFURB


      I hope things turn out well for you. If you've got questions about the game feel free to ask around.
    11. MrFURB

      Star-Log 01.124.01

      At the moment no, but I do expect that feature to make it in eventually. Yes. And maybe even sometime soon. Larger planets, planets with biomes, and gas giants have all been hinted at or teased, and we can expect at least some of these to be in Starmade come the Universe Update. Yes. There...
    12. MrFURB

      StarMade Ship Systems 2.0

      Howdy, just checking back to make sure everything is going grea- Oh. Oh okay. Anyways, there appear to be a few misconceptions and a lot of opinions. I can help with the former at least. 1. No, this system does not encourage nor discourage empty space inside your ship. The ONLY block that will...
    13. MrFURB

      Systems 2.0

      Larger ships will likely have more obvious reactor placements. They will need more power, which means bigger reactors, which means stabilizers are farther away, which means more space between the stabilizers and reactors for more system blocks, which needs more power... Large ships should...
    14. MrFURB

      Systems 2.0

      Er, the new system really is just exactly what you said. Just now. Hey, need more power? More reactor blocks. Doesn't need to be in any specific shape. Then just pop down some stabilizers somewhere else. Bam, you got power. 100% efficient.
    15. MrFURB

      StarMade Ship Systems 2.0

      No more caps. The capacity needed for weapons, which were the primary need for capacitors will be built into the weapons themselves. The chambers scale based off a % of your ship's largest reactor, which means pretty much any ship can utilize chambers. Heck, if you want you could make a...
    16. MrFURB

      StarMade Ship Systems 2.0

      Er, call me slow, but I think I'm misunderstanding you. As I understand it, so long as your reactor has enough regen to support the number of weapon modules being used it doesn't really matter what configuration the turret has. The only problem I could see with switching out turrets is the...
    17. MrFURB

      StarMade Ship Systems 2.0

      This post will be 'duh' for those of you who already know what you're doing with the turret discussion. You can skip it, it's just to keep other people appraised. Multi-entity power systems as they are now are a balancing issue. That is a fact widely seen and proven by people who attempt to...
    18. MrFURB

      StarMade Ship Systems 2.0

      For a reactor to be 100% efficient you need an equal number of stabilizers. And yeah, I had an old ship back before the weapons update that did that; looked like a fighter but had huge chunks of systems outside normal render range. I mean, there's nothing stopping you before OR after the power...
    19. MrFURB

      StarMade Ship Systems 2.0

      No, no, this is stupi- Wait. Huh. You know what, this might actually work. Hey guys, it looks good! I believe that filling hull with systems isn't forbidden, you just can't fill the whole thing with power reactors alone. Forcing empty space isn't something this proposal aims to do.
    20. MrFURB

      VC-2 Sibyl - Initial Update

      -Made minor refinements and additions to both interior and exterior details. -Added basic point defenses on all turret mounts. Keep the feedback comin' folks.