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    1. dwwojcik

      More Interesting Sensors (and some related things)

      Disclaimer: This suggestion assumes that all the game mechanics it relies on work a lot better than they probably actually do. I like to think I don't have to compensate for AI and sector boundaries being shit when I imagine what I want the finished game to be like. The main thing that I hope...
    2. dwwojcik

      Missiles and Large Ships vs. Small Ships

      Just from the title alone I suspect this is going to be a very controversial suggestion. I am a little worried that I’m stirring up something that’s mostly settled here. But I think my suggestion is pretty interesting, so… sorry in advance. For a long time, it’s bothered me that certain...
    3. dwwojcik

      Fly a Ship With a Map

      Presumably we'll be delegating basic ship functions to NPC crew members when that update drops. I'm not sure how far that will go in regards to even the most basic ship functions like firing spinal-mounted weapons and navigating, but presumably it will go pretty far since the devs clearly...
    4. dwwojcik

      Now the thing taking up half my screen stole my ship.

      The notices that I complained about in this thread: What is this blocking half my screen in singleplayer and why do I need to know about it? were spawned by NPC factions, so I didn't care about deleting them to get rid of them. But now my own ship that I was working on has disappeared...
    5. dwwojcik

      What is this blocking half my screen in singleplayer and why do I need to know about it?

      Notices like these keep popping up. It's pretty annoying.
    6. dwwojcik

      Starting Small This Time

      As you probably don't remember I've posted several of my projects here over the couple of years I've been playing StarMade. Well, those projects all petered out. (Which is why you don't remember them) However! This time I have a new strategy. All of those times I started by building a large...
    7. dwwojcik

      New WIP Destroyer/Cruiser

      I think I've finally shaken the builder's block (is that a thing) that's been giving me trouble over the past few weeks. I finally have something going that I really like. I just spent maybe an hour or so blocking in the basic shape. I'm a fan of smooth hull panels, but I do want to add a...
    8. dwwojcik

      Bridge experiment

      I had a neat idea for a bridge. Well, I say I did, I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of it. I've never seen it implemented before though. Instead of looking outside the ship through windows, you'll be shown a 360-degree (almost) view of your...
    9. dwwojcik

      Recognized A Concept for Space Engineers-like planets

      I know Schema has considered making planets like Space Engineers, after seeing them added into that game, and I'm sure I'm not the first person to suggest or advocate for something like this, but... I don't think the horse has been quite beaten enough yet. Full disclaimer: I don't know if...
    10. dwwojcik

      Looking for feedback

      I've been making good progress on my latest ship. It's the first one I've gotten this close to completing. Aesthetically, it's inspired by some EVE Online ship I saw a picture of around here, mainly the basic shape of the bridge and the curved front armor piece... after that the similarities...
    11. dwwojcik

      Lighting Issue (solved)

      Light from the sun nearest star seems to only be rendered within a certain radius of the player. The green circle is pointing out what I mean. I haven't seen this in anyone elses videos or screenshots, so it's probably a setting somewhere... but I can't find it. My graphics card is an R9...
    12. dwwojcik

      SQL Syntax Error Exception

      I was attempting to launch StarMade when this error popped up: The only things I've changed were installing a texture pack (Confirmed to start up without this error) and editing the server configuration to double the max speed. (The error appeared immediately after making this change)